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Life Like Baby Dolls For Kids

life like baby dolls for kids
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life like baby dolls for kids - Baby Lovely
Baby Lovely - Classic Style, Interactive, Life-Like, Growing Doll
Baby Lovely - Classic Style, Interactive, Life-Like, Growing Doll
Meet Baby Lovely, a sophisticated, interactive baby doll that invites children (3-year-and-up) to interact with her in ways that will captivate and delight. She has many life like features that make her appear to be the real thing!

When you pick her up, she talks and laughs, cry to let you know she's hungry, makes real life drinking sounds during feedings. Baby Lovely also laughs to let you know when she is full and snores when sleeping.
She grows 2 inches taller while she is being fed and shrinks when playing or sleeping.
Great and fun gift idea!

3 AAA batteries (not included). 15 inches tall. Made of pliant vinyl. Ages 3 and up.

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Baby Taurus
Baby Taurus
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life like baby dolls for kids
life like baby dolls for kids
Mattel Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Doll
The Real Loving Baby Doll features the sweetest, most realistic behaviors. Give her hugs, kisses, and hold her often - she needs lots of nurturing, just like a real baby. Girls are able to name their very own Real Loving Baby Doll; and through speech and hearing, the doll will recognize her name, ask for her bottle, play peek-a-boo with giggles, take her blanket to sleep, and so much more. It requires 4 "AA" batteries, which are not included. It measures 15.5" tall.

Your little girl will fall in love with Real Loving Baby, an interactive doll that she’ll want to nurture and care for every day. Girls can choose and record a name for their doll, and through speech recognition, Real Loving Baby will actually respond when her name is spoken. The 16-inch doll can also move her head, arms, and wrists in a lifelike fashion.
Real Loving Baby
The realistic doll will even ask to play peek-a-boo.
The combination of these realistic features means that Real Loving Baby will open her arms for a hug, ask for and blow kisses, cover her eyes to play peek-a-boo, and giggle when you tickle her. Other amazing characteristics include her asking for and drinking from her bottle, rubbing her eyes and taking her blanket when it’s time to go to sleep, playing with her teddy bear, and more. Her voice is as realistic as her actions--young and cute without being creepy or scary.
The adorable baby doll has rooted blond hair and her eyes open and close. She is dressed in a pink footed jumper with a matching soft hat. Other accessories include a baby blanket, her feeding bottle, a teddy bear, and a diaper. Four AA batteries are required, but not included.

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