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Wood I Joist Span Tables

wood i joist span tables
    i joist
  • An engineered wood joist, more commonly known as an I-joist is a product designed to eliminate many of the problems that occur with using conventional wood joists.
  • An 'I'shaped engineered wood structural member designed for use in residential floor construction. The product is prefabricated using sawn or structural composite lumber flanges and wood structural panel webs, bonded together with exterior adhesives.
  • Manufactured structural building component resembling the letter "I." Used as floor joists and rafters. I-joists include two key parts: flanges and webs. The flange of the I joist may be made of laminated veneer lumber or dimensional lumber, usually formed into a 1 ?" width.
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wood i joist span tables - Simpson Strong
Simpson Strong Tie ITS3.56/11.88 3-1/2" x 11-7/8" I-Joist Top Flange Hanger w/Strong-Grip Seat
Simpson Strong Tie ITS3.56/11.88 3-1/2" x 11-7/8" I-Joist Top Flange Hanger w/Strong-Grip Seat
A dedicated range of Top Flange I-joist hangers meeting the unique needs of I-joists while offering superior performance and ease of installation. ITS - NEW! The innovative ITS sets a new standard for engineered wood top flange hangers. The ITS installs faster and uses fewer nails than any other EWP top flange hanger. The new Strong-Grip seat and Funnel Flange features allow standard joist installation without requiring joist nails resulting in the lowest installed cost. The Strong-Grip seat firmly secures I-joists with flange thicknesses from 1-1/8" to 1-1/2". The ITS design maintains superior allowable download capacities equal to or greater than the ITT for Douglas Fir and all SCL headers.

85% (18)
And the joists were (mostly) hung by the fireplace with care.
And the joists were (mostly) hung by the fireplace with care.
With a lot of help from Thom and Justin, we hung most of the joists and put in about 75% of the stiffeners. I still have about 25 joists to hang, though... Once the wood dries out some, I will put in shims (where needed) and nail the joists in. (They're currently just sitting in the joist hangers...) (Note: I think I'll replace the stiffener on the lower left of the picture. I didn't see the bow in the joist when I measured for the stiffener and I didn't notice until I took this picture...)
Shop Joist/Rafters
Shop Joist/Rafters
2x12s on 16" centers. Overkill for all normal needs, but it allows for lots of insulation (cooling and heating will be rudimentary). Also, I can put solar on top,hang stuff like powered dust filters off the ceiling, and have no fear when snow piles up. The space over the old garage roof will be kept partially open as storage.

wood i joist span tables
wood i joist span tables
Simpson Strong Tie SUR2.1/11 2-1/8" x 11-3/16" Face Mount I-Joist & SCL Hanger Skewed 45° Right
The SU and HSU series of hangers are skewed 45 ° left or right. Angled nail slots direct nails for proper installation. The full range of 45° skewed hangers feature obround nail holes on the acute side allowing nails to be easily installed parallel to the header and joist. Installation is further simplified with no required bevel cuts. The SUR/L1.81, 2.06, 2.1, 2.37, 2.56 and HSUR/L series are 45° skewed hangers designed specifically to ease the installation of single and double I-joists. In addition to Positive Angle Nailing these hangers encapsulate the top flange of the I-joist, so no web stiffeners are required for standard installation.