Antioch Village Ministries

A Mission for Missionaries

                                                 Acts 15:35

Who we are:

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to house missionaries who are home on furlough.  We do this by finding people who have a space to rent out.  When missionaries come in town, we match them to the location that best meets their needs.

This space for rent:

If you have a basement apartment, backyard studio or other space that you would like to make available to missionaries, contact us to let us know.

No place like home:

If you are a missionary in need of a place to stay in the Portland, OR area, please contact us and let us know your schedule and needs.


"We moved into the available apartment on Saturday. Oh it has been such a blessing for our family - even plenty of windows to help with the winter here. Thank you so much for all of your help. This apartment is a blessing beyond what we could have imagined. It is a true example on God's blessing us more than we can ask, and, it is also a great place of rest before we depart...  We are all settled into our place - and it has been a delightful rest for our family. This was our 14th move in less than 5 months, and we are so grateful to be at a place for a few months - and even a fireplace for Christmas stockings! What an incredible, unexpected, better than we could have imagined blessings." - K&R

"Thank you so much. We did the walk through yesterday and are settling in.  It's a wonderful location, a wonderful house, and a wonderful church.  Your ministry in facilitating this has been a Godsent answer to prayer!" - J&L

A Brief History:

What started as a class project at Multnomah Seminary turned into a real life ministry.  Brian has always had a passion for housing, missions, and connecting people.  A generous donation funded 501(c)(3) status and then little else happened.  Eight years after the conception, the ball started rolling.  A call was received out of nowhere from some missionaries looking for some short term housing.  In reality there was no network set up yet.  But a few phone calls were made and the missionaries were able to find a place that was not only adequate but very comfortable and to their liking.  It was this that led Brian to believe that the time was ripe.  Word of mouth spread quickly and several people offered up their spaces as available.  We look forward to seeing how God will expand this ministry.

Missionaries helped to date:


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