Towering over your head - Apocalypse Released
An update a new map is included and the loading glitch has been fixed this time I mean it one update remains and that is to fix the credits. Get it now
Of Yellow and Green - Dm_Coastline update
An update get it nao.
Cellophane flowers - Dm_coastline
A new map is out by our resident mapper with assistance from Black Mesa Developer RabidMonkey
And in The End - Apocalypse Falls
Apocalypse is drawing to close lost in a demented landscape trying to find escape you will only find The End.
Happy Birthday - Apocalypse Update and A new mod announcement!
YAY! 1 year ago we had this idea to make a mod, And I did. so head over to the downloads section to pick up the latest pack it's a full installer so for new and old players. also new mod in the works. well 2 new mods in the works. one is a massive RPG. and the other is slightly more scary and a real mod not just map making i mean models hard core C++ editing and all that.
Back Again - Apocalypse progress and general celebrations
Ok, I'm lazy and haven't released an update but i now have a certain date for this release and level 4 was not ready anyway, but now it is. On to other news. Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls, Welcome to Anti-Matter Industries 1st birthday party. it takes place on the 27th of august. and the mod will be released on that day. CELEBRATE!
I get by with a little help from my fellow survivor - Apocalypse Progress
What would he do if i sang out tune? probably not a lot he's just a rebel with a smg. I have finished level 4 and that will be it for now i'm just going to compile them all and release the compilation it weighs about 130mb now but it's all good. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO MENTION THAT SOME CONTENT IS FROM GARRYSMOD.ORG
that means the sounds the zombie textures and the new blood effects
I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden, in the shade - Apocalypse Progress
I may be on holiday, but I am working with gusto on the mod which as you may know has had a name change it is now christened "Half-Life 2: Apocalypse" i have finished making level 3, and I am working on level 4 it seems to be the largest map yet so it will take longer but i'll get it done in time for a big release in two weeks time that won't be an update but a compilation of all the recent versions. BRB.
IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! - Zombie Horde Progress
loading glitch gone, other glitches gone, all glitches gone except for the cubemaps now being an absolute arse. i'm also going on holiday but expect a large texture update at the end of the day I'll be in active for 6 weeks but ill work on it you just wont get any updates for ages. Adios.
Guess who's back? - Back Again - Zombie Horde 0.5 Update
After a few days of silence I'm back with a new update focusing this time on a major visual effect changing the atmosphere just head on down to the downloads section
GRRRRRR. Hammer can be really uncooperative at times and i may have to redo the entire second level because of a loading glitch into the third level GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!
All You Need Is Love - Zombie Horde 0.4 Update
This update focuses specifically on maps and the Pink And Black loading Glitch! Download it HERE!!!
Red, Mutant Eyes Stared down on Hunger City - Zombie Horde 0.3 Update
HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Download it HERE!
What is your Conceptual Continuity? - Programming.
For all you Source Modders out there it's likely you've already discovered the most important rule of modding... Bring a good book i have now been sitting here for about 5 minutes waiting for MVS to compile this thing.
The Crux of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe - Storyline!
Zombie Horde now has a storyline of some sorts a virus spreads that kills off the normal and fast headcrabs but leaves the poison variety (what with it's increased immune system)
also for some unknown reason the zombies are still alive turned into your standard uncontrollable zombie now with a eye for not only human flesh but that of the poison zombie and headcrab also! -- in other news i can't get magazine style reloads to work so none of that just headcrabless zombies for now while i think of other features to include...
Insert Song Lyrics Here - Zombie Horde Progress Update!
I have been working on the code for the mod so expect a smallish update soon and pictures of levels in development!
The 0.2b update of zombie horde has been released new downloaders still have to download the original and the 0.2 update before this.
I AM THE WALRUS! - Zombie Horde 0.2 Update
The 0.2 update of zombie horde has been released new downloaders still have to download and install the original mod before installing update Get It Here!
What a Wonderful World - Zombie Horde

The Public 0.1 alpha of our sourcemod Zombie Horde has been released download it here!