"Ghosts & Time"

"Ghosts & Time" is a play-by-text campaign of the Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game. It is intended as a collaborative storytelling game for mature players. In their disparate settings, player characters will discover clues to a mystery that transcends time and space and threatens everything that they know. The stories told by players will be linked together through a common continuity, in which characters will encounter terrible forces from beyond - and from within.

Ghosts & Time Web Journals and Blogs - the media of our collaboration
Keeper Blogs -
Ghosts & Time Main Blog - by da solomon

Player Blogs
Memoirs of a Lady, 1924 - by Elizabeth
M. Henri's Parisian Fashion House, 1924 - by Deborah
Occult Images, 1924 - by Dan

Continuity Blogs
Arizona Territory
Berlin & London

"The bent little fortune tellers, terrorizing their clients with crystal balls, are toy models of the great ones who hold the fate of mankind in their hands." - Theodor Adorno "Thesis Against Occultism" (1974)

"It would seem that the capacity to invent or experience myths has not been replaced by that of accounting for them." - Roger Caillois "The Function of Myth" (1934)

Philosophy and Gameplay - The goal of this campaign will be to create a collaborative and mutually interesting narrative that will span several blogs and websites. Here's how it works:
Out of Character Introduction
Information for Keepers and Players
"Anti-Mastery" is anti-what?
Quick Start Cthulhu - free intro to the Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game by Chaosium

Character Creation Notes - help with composing a player character
Guidance for Creating Characters
To Begin Play
Byakhee - free character creation for the Call of Cthulhu Role-Playing Game
Blogger - super-easy web journal tool by Google

Story Notes - some ideas, suggestions welcome
About Lovecraft's Mythos - some notes on HPL's work
Thematic Suggestions - ideas to explore in play
Setting Notes - setting resources: slang, maps, etc.
Contact me, da solomon, at gordianphock@gmail.com or AIM me at emmoolatta.

Good Games - this is what other play-by-text games look like

Tyritrius by HomoDM 
(Dungeons & Dragons 3rd ed. rules)
Project Hestia by Project Hestia (Aberrant rules)
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