Don` let this happen to you


We all know how the weather is becoming worse and worse. More and more tornados, hail storms, strong wind... And to protect our cars at first, we created our first ANTI HAIL CAR COVER. And through the years, we have been developing, exploring the materials, and almost 6 years ago we started to sell our car cover.

   We are selling it in middle, south and western Europe, and we are close to make a deal with a large US company.

On the other hand, we try to make a direct sale to people, that need our Anti hail car cover, without a middle man, to make the best price for you!

because I know, how much I had to pay for repairs of my hail damaged car...

seen something like this?

Don`t let this happen to your car, becase the repair costs too much... I should know.

Maybe it will cost you 300, maybe 700 and maybe even 2000$ or more !!

Our solution is: ANTI HAIL CAR COVER PROTECTION  for your car.

We offer you a simple solution which will protect your car quickly and simply.  We present an independent protection cover which is set onto a car with special elastic strings and plastic hooks made for this purpose. A compound anti hail protection protects your motor, screen, roof and the back of the car. These parts are damaged at most when hail. The compound anti hail protection is made of a bubble foil, polyethylene foam and Tyvek Top Cover. The anti hail protection is 200 cm wide and its length is adjusted to a car's length. The thickness of the product is 9,8 mm, wich makes a really good protection for your vehicle

  We are delighted that you chose our anti hail protection. The best usage is assured by following the user's manual.  The placing of the compound anti hail protection is fast and easy. We produce it since 2004! Find more at !


                The placing instructions:


            The back of the protection is equipped with orientation label

             Put the antenna down or place it on the roof

            Place the protection onto the car in a way that the Tyvek Top Cover is on the upper side.

            Place it on the bonnet and unwind it through the roof  to the boot and eventually towards the left and right side of the car

            Place the plastic hooks on the elastic strings

            Pin the cover with elastic strings and plastic hooks on the car's front and back bumper and on the mudguards, on the edge or on               the edge of the doors on the sides of the car.

            You can pin the middle elastic strings simply by detaining them with doors without the plastic hooks, which is also a good                         protection  against theft.

            Elastic strings can easily be shorten with knots at the desired length

            At the back on both sides are loops which can be bind together in order to assure the cover better adopting onto a car.


Cleaning and care:


If the cover is wet, dry it, before you pack it back in a bag. You can clean it manually- with sponge, a mild detergent and tepid water.

Always air-dry the cover and never in a dryer!



Undo the hooks and put them in the middle of the compound anti hail cover.

Furl the cover by folding it on the desired width from the back to the front of the car. Put the cover in a bag.


The compound anti hail protection comes in three sizes; car lenght: less than 4,1m, less than 4,7m, less than 5,1m

So, measure your car length ( less than: 4.1m, 4.7m, 5.1m), choose the thickness ( 0,5 or 1 cm ) and write and click appropriate product:

or write to: or call +386 31 470 570 for order. We will send you a bill, after we see your payment, we will ship the appropriate cover to your address. In max of 15 working days after payment, you will receive the cover for your anti hail protection!

The price: 240 $ , shipment included! - for EU residents
for non EU residents: 240 $ shipment included + your country custom expanses.

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your pro4car team !

Thanks for looking!
p.s.: a test of Tyvek car cover material: