Magnets solve Problems

     Dr. Xavier Marti obtained a Phd in materials science in 2010 for his research work in spintronics. While working at UC Berkeley, he boosted IGSresearch in order to use spintronics-based technology from the nanoscale up to geophysics. The devices manufactured by IGSresearch are nowadays installed in numerous locations from South America to Eastern Europe. He is co-author of over 80 scientific publications cited over 2000 times, and holds patents either as co-inventor or co-owner. In 2013, he co-founded the incubator space Penyalab at Universitat de Barcelona. He is a TEDx speaker and an enthusiastic of science dissemination who regularly posts in his blog "Magnets Solve Problems".


post: Curkrovarnicka 10, 162 53 Prague, Czech Republic





Author of a the blog "Magnets solve problems" including a video section with over 56k views. TEDx speaker and regular contributor in other science dissemination channels.

90+ publications accepted in peer-reviewed journals: Nature Nanotechnology (invited review), Nature Materials (2), Physical Review Letters (5), Nature Communications (3), Computers & Geosciences (1), Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (1). Link to ResearcherID.

2000+ times cited in scientific articles without self-citations (h-index = 25, see trends)

Member of the editorial committee of the European Magnetism Association.





Czech Academy of Sciences

2014 – now, Research Scientist


University of California, Berkeley

2012 – 2013, Assistant Project Scientist


Charles University in Prague

2010 – 2012, Post-doc


Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), 2009
Ph. D. Materials Science with Cum Laude honors (PDF download)

Universitat de Barcelona, 2006
M.S. Electronic Engineering


Universitat de Barcelona, 2002
M.S. Physics



Title: “Room temperature electric field control of exchange bias in antiferromagnetic semiconductors”

Agency: Grant Agency Czech Republic, project P204-11-P339

Role: Principal Investigator (sole beneficiary)

Amount and period: EUR 120,000 (Jan 2011 - Jan 2013)

Title: “Design of novel sensors for advanced management of urban mobility and illumination”

Agency: Spanish Ministery of Industry, Energy and Tourism, project TSI-100103-2014-75

Role: Principal Industrial Investigator (sole beneficiary)

Amount and period: EUR 463,278 (Jan 2014 - Jan 2016)

Title: “Automated monitoring of three-dimensional fracture movements”

Agency: Technology Agency Czech Republic, project TA04021791

Role: Principal Industrial Investigator (out of two co-proposing institutions)

Amount and period: EUR 262,000 (Jan 2015 - Jan 2018)

Title: “El Hierro megalandslide dynamics analysed using big data to predict the future behaviour of megalandslides on other volcanic islands

Agency: Grant Agency Czech Republic, project 16-12227Y

Role: Beneficiary (out of three co-proposers)

Amount and period: EUR 126,000 (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019)

Title: “Antiferromagnetic spintronics

Agency: EU Commission, FETOPEN-01-2016-2017, proposal No. 766566 

Role: Beneficiary (only SME among 5 academic partners)

Amount and period: EUR 3,739,300 (Jan 2018 - Jan 2022)


Academic research and/or non-commercialized prototypes

- J. WunderlichX. Marti, T. Jungwirth, Antiferromagnetic solid state memory, 30.9.2014, Memory device based on anisotropic magnetoresistance, 10.06.2015, Publ. No.EP2882004 A1, Memory device, 18.06.2014, Publ. No. EP2744002 A1, and 19.06.2014, Publ. No. US20140169084 A1, granted 05.09.2015, Publ. No. EP2744002 B1.

* Inventions featured on national TV, and Nature Publishing Group (more)

- J. Fontcuberta, F. Sanchez, X. Marti, D. Hrabovsky, V. Laukhin, V. SkumryevMagnetoelectric device and method for writing non-volatile information on said device, 11.08.2009, Publ. No. US7573734 B2; 22.01.2009, Publ. No. WO2009010595 A1

Commercialized products

- J. Garces and X. Marti, Device, system and method for metal detection, Publ. No. EP2674790 A1.

- J. Garces, X. Marti, T. Jungwirth, Vehicle detection system, Publ. No. EP3091372 A1; Vehicle detection system, Publ. No. EP3104197 A1, Publ. No. US20160328961 A1; Luz de estado del estacionamiento, Appl. No. U201730342; Dispositivo de ahorro de energía para iluminación urbana, Appl. No. U201730344.

- M. Rowberry, J. Blahut, F. Hartvich, J. Stemberk, Z. Fucik, M. Briestensky, X. Marti and J. Garces, Zarizeni pro automaticky monitoring vzajemneho posunu a pootočení teles ("Embodiment for automatically monitoring of the relative displacement and rotation of bodies"), Czech Republic, Publ. No. 31361, Appl. No 2017-34340, Granted 9.1.2018

* Invention featured on national TV (more), and radio, etc. Awarded Gresol Foundation Young Talent Award 2016.



4.  J. Garces, I. Fina and X. Marti, “IGSresearch: From Science to Business in the Markets of Security, Smartcity Management, and Geological Monitoring”, Springer. Link.

3.  I. Fina and X. Marti, “Spintronic Functionalities in Multiferroic Oxide-based Heterostructures”, in press (pre-print)

2.  J. Blahut, M. Rowberry, J. Balek, J. Klimeš, I. Baroň, X. Marti, “Monitoring giant landslide detachment planes in the era of big data analytics”, World Landslide Forum, Vol. 3 ("Landslide Monitoring and Warning"). Link.

1.  X. Marti, G. Catalan, A. Vea and I. Fina, “The Profile of Researchers Moving Towards Scientific Entrepreneurship”, in Supporting University Ventures in Nanotechnology, Biomaterials and Magnetic Sensing Applications. Springer, Link.
(see excerpts published in my personal 
technology transfer blog)





88.  T. Jungwirth, J. Sinova, A. Manchon, X. Marti, J. Wunderlich, and C. Felser"The multiple directions of antiferromagnetic spintronics”, invited by Nature Physics, Nature Physics 14, 200 (2018)

- One start-up company I own is co-author on this paper


87.  Ignasi Fina, Alberto Quintana, Xavier Martí, Florencio Sánchez, Michael Foerster, Lucia Aballe, Jordi Sort and Josep Fontcuberta, “Reversible and magnetically unassisted voltage-driven switching of magnetization in FeRh/PMN-PT”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 113, 152901 (2018)

86.  Jan Blahut, Ivo Baron, Lubos Sokol, Stavros Meletlidis, Jan Klimes, Matt Rowberry, Rostislav Melichar, Laura Garcia-Canada, Xavi Marti, “Large landslide stress states calculated following extreme climatic and tectonic events on El Hierro, Canary Islands”, Landslides 15, 1801 (2018)

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83.  R. X. Silva, H. Reichlova, X. Marti, R. Paniago, C. W. A. Paschoal, “Anti-ferromagnetic interaction in double perovskites probed by Raman Spectroscopy”, submitted



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- One start-up company I own is co-author on this paper

Antiferromagnetic CuMnAs multi-level memory cell with microelectronic compatibility

81.  I. Fina and X. Marti"Electric control of antiferromagnets”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 53, 2500107 (2017)


- One start-up company I own is co-author on this paper

* corresponding author

80.  N. Rinaldi‐Montes, M. Rowberry, C. Frontera, I. Baroň, J. Garcés, J. Blahůt, R. Pérez‐López, C. Pennos and X. Marti"A contactless positioning system for monitoring discontinuities in three dimensions with geological and geotechnical applications”, Res. Sci. Instrum. 88, 074501 (2017)

- One start-up company I own is co-author on this paper

79.  I. Fina, A. Quintana, J. Padilla-Pantoja, X. Marti, F. Macià, F. Sanchez, M. Foerster, L. Aballe, J. Fontcuberta, and J. Sort, Electric-Field Adjustable Time-Dependent Magnetoelectric Response in Martensitic FeRh Alloy, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 15577 (2017)

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75.  P. Zubko, H. Lu, C.-W. Bark, S. Ryu, X. Martí, J. Santiso, C.-B. Eom, G. Catalan and A. Gruverman, "On the persistence of polar domains in ultrathin ferroelectric capacitors", J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29, 284001 (2017)

- Included in the annual journal highlights (here).

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73.      T. Jungwirth, X. Marti, P. Wadley, and J. Wunderlich, “Antiferromagnetic spintronics”, Nature Nanotechnology 11, 231–241 (2016)

* invited review article
- Compiled by Massachusetts Institute of Technology at “The Net Advance of Physics
- Featured in the Editorial pages of Nature Nanotechnology

72.  M.D. Rowberry, D. Kriegner, V. Holy, K. Olejnik, M. Llull, C. Frontera, and X. Marti, “The instrumental resolution of a moiré extensometer in light of its recent automatisation”, Measurement 91, 258 (2016)

- Two start-up companies I own are co-authors on this paper

71.  M.D. Rowberry, X. Marti, C. Frontera, Marco J Van De Wiel, M. Briestenský, "Calculating flux to predict future cave radon concentrations”, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 157, 16 (2016)

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61.      X. Marti*, I. Fina, and T. Jungwirth, “Prospect for antiferromagnetic spintronics”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 51(4), 2900104 (2015)

* corresponding author
- Compiled by Massachusetts Institute of Technology at “The Net Advance of Physics
- Featured in: English (2,3,4), Spanish.

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* corresponding author
- Awarded 2015 Hot Papers in Nanoscale by Royal Society of Chemistry
- Featured in: Spanish (2,3), EnglishCatalan (2,3), explicit highlight on economic pages of national press.
- One start-up company I own is co-author of this paper

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- Featured in journalistic websites: EnglishCatalan.

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* corresponding author
- Featured in: English (2), Czech-National TV and RadioSpanish Radio and Press (2,3,4), Catalan
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* corresponding author
- Featured in: EnglishSpanish

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47.  X. Marti, J. Blahut and M. Rowberry, “A MATLAB® code for counting the moiré interference fringes recorded by the optical-mechanical crack gauge TM-71”, Computers and GeoscinecesComputers and Geosciences 52, 164 (2013)

- 260K€ grant obtained to implement the paper’s results world-wide (see video)
- Interdisciplinary work featured on the start-up incubator Penyalab by University of Barcelona

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* corresponding author

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* corresponding author

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* corresponding author

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* corresponding author





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* corresponding author

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22.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics: counting, encrypting and bitcoins”, IW-MAG 2018, Gava, Spain, 28-30th May 2018

21.  Co-creating value in scientific research”, 100xCiencia 2, Alicante, Spain, 2-3rd November 2017

20.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics realized”, FISMAT 2017, Trieste, Italy, 2-5th October 2017

19.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics: storage or data processing?”, The Magnetic Recording Conference 2017, Tsukuba, Japan, 2-4th August 2017

18.  Magnets solve problems”, XXXVI Bienal de Fisica GEFES 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 17-21st July 2017

17.  Magnets solve problems”, TEDx Tarragona, Spain, 12th May 2017 (video)

16.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics for off-grid internet of things”, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 & IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Las Vegas, United States, 8-10th January 2017 (video)

15.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics”, 2016 Workshop on Innovative Nanoscale Devices and Systems (WINDS), Kohala Coast, Hawaii, USA, 4-9th December 2016 

14.  Applications for Antiferromagnetic Spintronics”, Workshop on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics, Mainz, Germany, 26-30th September 2016 (video)

13.  New media handling”, NoTeDev Workshop on Terahertz Electronics, Prague, Czech Republic, 21-24th September 2016 (call, post)

12.  Young Professionals at IEEE Consumer Electronics”, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Berlin, Germany, 6th September 2016 (post2)

11.  Antiferromagnetic spintronics: invisible magnets for energy-efficient smartcities”, The Magnetic Recording Conference 2016, Stanford, United States, 17th - 19th August 2016 (talk)

10. Antiferromagnetic spintronics"The 18th International Symposium on the Physics of Semiconductors and ApplicationsJeju, South Korea, 3rd-7th July 2016 (post)

9.      Field-cooling: from tectonic plates to internet security”, 13th Joint MMM-Intermag Conference, San Diego, United States, 11th – 15th January 2016 (post)

8.      Antiferromagnetism: the applications for an invisible magnetism”, APS workshop III, Chicago, United States, 12th - 13th May 2015 (post)

7.      Antiferromagnetic spintronics: viewpoint on oxide semiconductors and insulating ferromagnets”, MRS Spring meeting, San Francisco, United States. 6th - 10th April 2015 (post)

6.      Spintronics with metal and semiconductor antiferromagnets”, E-MRS Fall meeting, Warsaw, Poland. 16th - 18th September 2014

5.      Prospects for the use of antiferromagnetism in data storage”, The Magnetic Recording Conference 2014, Berkeley, United States, 11th - 13th August 2014 (post)

4.      SPINWIRE®, the intelligent dance of cities in motion”, Smartcity Expo World Congress 2013, Barcelona, Spain, 19th - 23rd November 2013 (abridged streaming)

3.      Spintronics with antiferromagnets”, 58th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference, Denver, United States, 4th - 8th November 2013

2.      Spin-gating an epitaxial semiconductor”, E-MRS Spring meeting, Strasbourg, France, 27th - 30th May 2013

1.      A Traffic Flow and Intrusion Detection Monitoring Solution”, MRS Fall meeting, Boston, US. 26th - 30th November 2012 (post)




52.      "Tech transfer vs scientific method transfer"
San Sebastian, Nanogune, Spain, 18th December 2017.
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51.      "Antiferromagnetic spintronics should go for logic or towards storage?"
Daejeon, KAIST, South Korea, 31st July 2017.
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44.      "Spinterference: magnets on volcanoes"
Vienna, Austria, Institute of Solid State Physics - TU Vienna, 3rd October 2016.
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43.      "Electrical switching of an antiferromagnet" & "Publishing invoices using spintronics"
Los Angeles, United States, University of California Los Angeles, 25 & 26th August 2016 (call).
Host: Greg Carman

42.      "Spintronics from nano to geo: antiferromagnetic memories, parkings and volcanoes"
Mainz, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 27th July 2016 (video).
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41.      "Using spintronics from nano to geo: a successful technology transfer case"
Linz, Austria, Johannes kepler University, 30th June 2016 (call).
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40.      "From nano to geo: Spin-orbit coupling applied to antiferromagnetic memories, cars and volcanoes"
Kaiserslautern, Germany, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, 3rd June 2016 (call).
Host: Burkard Hillebrands 

39.      Spintronics: Applications of anisotropic magnetoresistance - from Nano to Geo
Vienna, Austria, Vienna Museum of Natural History
30th May 2016.
Host: Ivo Baron 

38.      Spintronics from nano to geo: antiferromagnetic memories, parkings and volcanoes
Prague, Czech Republic, Institute of Physics
, 17th March 2016 (post).
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37.      Spintronics from nano to geo: antiferromagnetic memories, parkings and volcanoes
Darmstadt, Germany, Technische Univeristat Darmstadt
16th March 2016 (post).
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36.      Entrepreneurial activities using magnetic sensors
Prague, Czech Republic, 
Czech Technical University in Prague, 10th March 2016 (post).
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35.      The electron and the truck
Barcelona, Spain, 
Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona25th February 2016 (post).
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34.      Spintronics: from fundamentals to applications
Krakow, Poland, Workshop COST MP1407, 29th October 2015 (postabridged streaming).

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33.      Adding permanent magnets and antiferromagnetic spintronics
Madrid, Spain, Imdea-Nanoscience, 15th September 2015.

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32.      Spintronics in metals and semiconductors”, colloquium
Gijon, Spain, University of Oviedo, 10th September 2015 (
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31.      Paper, prototype, sales
Bellaterra, Spain, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 20th May 2015 (
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30.      From/to science to/from business
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29.       Technology Transfer Round Table: Entrepreneurship Applied to Societal Changes
Bellaterra, Spain, Institut Catala de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia, 20th April 2015 (
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28.      Spintronics and piezo-resistance: from/to science to/from business
Milano, Italy, Politecnico di Milano, 10th March 2015.
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Genoa, Italy, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), 13th February 2015 (
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26.      The intelligent dance of cities in motion: Spinwire
Zurich, Switzerland, ETH, 5th June 2014 (
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25.      From antiferromagnetic spintronics to the intelligent dance of cities in motion
Warwick, United Kingdom, The University of Warwick, 25th March 2014 (
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24.   “Spintronics and antiferromagnets” 
Grenoble, France, CEA, 29th January 2014.
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23.   “Spintronics and antiferromagnets” 
Madison, United States, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 31st October 2013.
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22.  Spintronics and antiferromagnets” 
Almaden, United States, IBM-Stanford Spintronic Science & Applications Center, 12th July 2013.
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21.  Spintronics and antiferromagnets” 
Jülich, Germany, Peter Gruenberg Institute, 24th May 2013.
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20.  Antiferromagnetic semiconductor spintronics” 
Austin, Texas, US, UT-Austin, 7th March 2013.
Host: Allan McDonald

19.  "From electric control of magnetization towards tunnel devices without ferromagnets
Eindhoven, Netherlands, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 24th May 2012. 
Host: Paul Koenraad

18.  "Spintronics for graduate students"
Barcelona, Spain, Universitat de Barcelona, 23rd May 2012.
Host: Toni Planes

17.  "Spin-valve-like tunneling magnetoresistance from an antiferromagnet into a non-magnetic metal"
Barcelona, Spain, Universitat de Barcelona, 27th April 2012.
Host: Xavier Batlle

16.  "Spin-valve-like tunneling magnetoresistance from an antiferromagnet into a non-magnetic metal"
Bellaterra, Spain, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, 19th April 2012.
Host: Florencio  Sanchez

15.  "Spin-valve-like tunneling magnetoresistance from an antiferromagnet into a non-magnetic metal"
Madrid, Spain, Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio, 18th April 2012. 
Host: Miguel Angel Garcia

14.  "Spin-valve like magnetoresistance of an antiferromagnetic-based tunnel junction"
Halle, Germany, Max Planck Institute, 28th March 2012. 
Host: Marin Alexe

13.  "Writing with antiferromagnets"
Linz, Austria, Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, 19th March 2012. 
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12.  "Antiferromagnetic spintronics", colloquium 
Ohio State University, Columbus, US. 7th April 2012. 
Host: Jon Pelz

11.  "Writing with antiferromagnets"
Texas A&M University, College Station, US. 24th February 2012.
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10.  "Semiconductors. On the dreams of Ada Lovelace"
Prague, Czech Republic, Institute of Physics of Charles University, 13th December 2011. 
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9.  "Quo Vadis Spintronics?
Prague, Czech Republic, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 8th November 2011.
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8.  "Antiferromagnetic spintronics
Agrate, Italy, MDM National Laboratory. 23rd September 2011. 
Host: Roberto Mantovan

7.  "Spintronics: the happy hour"
Bellaterra, Spain, Centre d'Investigacio Nanociencia i Nanotecnlogia. 22nd July 2011.
Host: Gustau Catalan

6.  "Dielectric and metal antiferromagnets: applications"
Dresden, Germany, Fraunhofer IZFP. 27th January 2011. 
Host: Ehrenfried Zschech

5.  "Strains in imperfect nanostructures "
Como, Italy, Politecnico di Milano LNESS-Como. 19th July 2010. 
Host: Riccardo Bertacco

4.  "Growth and characterization of magnetoelectric YMnO3 epitaxial thin films"
Prague, Czech Republic, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. 21st April 2010.
Host: Stanislav Kamba.

3.  "From DRAMs to MRAMs through exchange bias"
Prague, Czech Republic, Nanoseminar lectures in Charles Unviersity, 15th April 2010. 
Host: Jana Poltierova Vejpravova

2.  "Writing magnetic information with electric fields: towards denser and more efficient memories"
Prague, Czech Republic, Nanoseminar lectures in Charles Unviersity, 25th March 2010. 
Host: Jana Poltierova Vejpravova

1.  X-ray reflectivity thin film analysis
Bellaterra, Spain, 24th November 2008. 
Host: Jordi Rius





21.      Antiferromagnetic spintronics for security”, E-MRS Fall Meeting 2015, Warsaw, Poland, 14th - 18th September 2015.
(as a substitution for Dr. Ignasi Fina who could not attend)

20.      Bond lengths, bond angles and stoichiometry”, IX Autumn School of X-ray Scattering from Surfaces and Thin layers, Smolenice, Slovakia, 25th - 28th September 2013.

19.       “Spin-gating antiferromagnetic semiconductor conductivity”, MRS Spring meeting, San Francisco, United States, 1st - 5th April 2013.

18.      Spin-gating antiferromagnetic semiconductor conductivity”, APS March Meeting, Baltimore, United States, 18th - 22nd March 2013.

17.      Exchange-spring and field-cool magnetoresistances of antiferromagnet-based tunnel junctions”, Intermag 2013, Chicago, USA. 4th - 18th January 2013.

16.      "I-Mn-V room temperature antiferromagnetic semiconductors", ICM 2012, Busan, South Korea, 8th - 13th July 2012.

15.      "Writing with antiferromagnets", E-MRS Spring meeting, Strasbourg, France, 14th - 18th May 2012.

14.      "Tackling multiferroics with X-ray diffraction and absorption", Spline Users Meeting, Madrid, Spain, 16th - 17th April, 2011.

13.      "Growth and characterization of room temperature antiferromagnetic I-Mn-V semiconductors", APS March Meeting, Boston, United States, 27th Feb – 3rd March 2012.

12.      "Skin layer of BiFeO3 single crystals", 7th Autumn School on X-ray Scattering from Surfaces and Thin Layers, Smolenice, Slovakia, 4th - 7th October 2011.

11.  "Artifacts in the characterization of skin layers and ultrathin films by X-ray diffraction", E-MRS Fall meeting, Warsaw, Poland, 19th - 23th September 2011.

10.  "Skin layer of BiFeO3 single crystals", ISIF 2011, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1st - 4th August 2011.

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8.  "Skin layer of BiFeO3 single crystals", E-MRS Spring meeting, Nice, France. 9th - 13th May 2011.

7.  "Ferroelectricity and strain effects in orthorhombic YMnO3 thin films", 6th Workshop on Hybrid Nanostructured Materials, Prague, 4th - 5th November 2010.

6.  "Probing epitaxial strain in arrays of imperfect nanostructures", NanoselectSant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 14 - 16th July 2010.
* invited

5.  "Control of magnetic and dielectric properties by epitaxial strain in orthorhombic YMnO3 and TbMnO3", E-MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, United States, 30th November - 4th December 2009.

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