Lundy Field Trip

Lundy is an island off the North Devon coast, situated in the mouth of the Bristol Channel.  The island contains a number of diverse ecologies and and many species making it a good choice for ecological and behavioural science field trips.

From 1979 for twenty years my father, David Dickins, ran an animal behaviour field trip on this island and for some of that time I assisted him and other colleagues.  In July 2009 I began this trip again with students and colleagues from the University of East London.  I was greatly assisted in this by my father and also Stephen Lea and his colleagues at the University of Exeter.

A trip to Lundy will lead to change.  The island is a beautiful place that is remote and very different from the city.  The opportunity to observe wild animals living their lives is a privilege that is endlessly fascinating. Many questions will arise and the field trip is designed to provide you with the methods to answer them.  You will develop scientific skills that are applicable across all species, including humans.  You will learn to plan and execute a research project from scratch.

A film about the field trip is available at this link.