Here is a simple little website dedicated to Alluvion.
Alluvion is myself, James Kimble.  Alluvion has performed as a band in various forms since 1997.  
 I will simply bypass most of the history involved as it really doesn’t matter.  
 What does matter is that you will find three albums within these pages.
Lines Through the Sun, Circles Around the Moon and Your Role in an Atomic Universe.
Lines Through the Sun was the first Alluvion album ever pressed and that was in 2005.  It was recorded by myself and Gram Gibson.  He did the drum kit and several bass lines and equally shared with the lyrics. 
This album is available on and and possibly Napster.  On, you can purchase the actual CD itself.  If searching, look up Lines Through the Sun.
Circles Around the Moon is a collection of songs that were written back as far back as 1997.  Though the final versions shared here are very different than how they started out, these songs have history.  These were to be the so called first album that never got recorded.  By 2005, Mr. Gibson and I considered recording a double album which would have been these songs plus the songs that showed up on Lines Through the Sun.  In the end, we decided just to record an album of new material, Lines Through the Sun and just more or less left the old songs as they were in demo form.  To share them, I’ve gone back through the demos and remixed and re mastered them as best I could.  
These songs I’ve made available for free, so download and enjoy.
Your Role in an Atomic Universe is the follow up album to Lines Through the Sun.  It is the extension of some real life story that developed in some strange non physical way over the recording process.  There is an afterlife context tied into those albums that is wholly fabricated but at the same time is plausible in some inexplicable way.  As far as fabrication goes, the drum work is Mr. Gibson primarily via work recorded before we finally cut the yarn that connected our empty Styrofoam cups back in 2007 I believe.  He also recorded several of the bass parts.  The rest of the work is myself except for some additional drum work by Andrew Dodson and myself via some painstaking programming and editing. 
This album is now available via Payloadz.  There is more information about purchase information on the page concerning this particular album. 
I am in the process of raising money from album sales to fix my recording speakers.  I have a collection of new songs I am working on and am at somewhat of a standstill while the recording monitor’s tweeter is broken.  So, you don’t have to feel like downloading the album is going to be padding my pocket or paying the monthly payments on my new yacht.  It would be going to recording more material to share with those who enjoy it.  That’s a good cause in my opinion. 
As soon as I can get that tweeter replaced, I will tidy up some songs that I intended to put on YRIAAU and I will simply share those for free via this website.