resources for learning the 5 fields of anthropology: physical, cultural, linguistic, archeological, and applied, Ethnographic film producers and distributors (list from 2005 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association)

 Teaching about the Race concept, How Real is Race? - book flyer (publication date 2/2007 & publisher's info; tied to traveling exhibition; see also the RACE Project's links page,

Precollege teaching thoughts, grades K-12. See also - student projects, teaching resources, and links for teaching anthropology to secondary school students.

DVD-Anthropology: Real People, Real Careers (freeze-frames used with permission, sampler;
full DVD order form & webpage). College student resources when considering anthro studies.

In place of a textbook, consider the following leads:
 - (compact Religions overview and links from BBC)
 - linguistic anthro: The Linguist, languages sampler: languages of the world
, 5-minute linguist (podcasts), The National Museum of Languages, Word roots
 -  back issues of AnthroNotes (Smithsonian Institute) and the National Anthropological Archives
 - National Museum of the American Indian >outreach & page for educators
 -  For physical anthro matters, see also the National Center for Science Education,
 - For archeology, see (general audience) or; excavation example; resources for archeologists, see also Soc. for American Archeology >Public Education & classroom use  & teacher help. There is also wikibooks ...Introduction_to_Paleoanthropology
 - Browse the 120 National Resource Centers for Languages and Area Studies collected work & Associations
 - Individual sections of the American Anthropological Association maintain webpages, too.

Audio recordings
- Exploring Scholarly and Best-selling Accounts of Social Collapse and Colonial Encounters (conference speakers)
with a focus on accounts by popular writer, Jared Diamond

Notes from books and other readings
- All about deducing the timeline of homo sapiens from 50,000 years ago to present through DNA evidence - notes from Nicholas Wade 2006 Before the Dawn

Links list for reference
-Anthro.Net Research Engine - Provides links to Anthropology and Archaeology resources.
WWW Virtual Library for Anthropology - Comprehensive directory of anthropologically related links and resources.

Quotes about Photography and Composition

Compilation 2014 from multiple sources online and in print