International Anthropomorphic Research Project

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"Who are you?"

The Anthropomorphic Research Project is a multidisciplinary team of scientists studying the furry fandom from a variety of different perspectives.  Asking psychological, anthropological and sociological questions, along with questions posed to us by furries, our team is examining furry culture to help both furries and non-furries to better understand the furry community.  Through a series of international furry surveys we hope to expand our findings beyond the surveys we have conducted at a number of furry conventions.  We would also like to compare the furry fandom to other types of fandoms (e.g., science fiction/fantasy fans) to see the ways they are both similar and distinct.
We conduct a new internationally-spanning survey two times a year. 

"Are you legit?"

To date, our research has been supported by thousands of furries, including Dr. Samuel Conway (Uncle Kage), Chairman of Anthrocon, Istanbul, founder of and former Chairman of Furry Fiesta, and by Dragoneer, owner of FurAffinity and a member of the Board of Directors for the Northeast Anthropomorphic Association.  Additionally, our team's study of the furry community is the only scientific study of the furry community to have been published in a scientific journal and to have have been approved by the ethics board of an academic institution (University of Waterloo, Kent State University, and Texas A&M University-Commerce). 

Our research is supported by the furry community, not only through the participation of thousands of furries in our surveys over the last six years but also through the input we receive from furries: suggestions, feedback, critiques and ideas for research that helps to shape future surveys.  We encourage furries everywhere to participate in our surveys and be represented in our research, but also to help guide our further research by telling us what furries would like to know more about!

"What's with the website?"

In addition to serving as a place where furries can take our online surveys, find out more about the researchers and learn about our future conference attendance, all of our past data is located on this site along with publications and news about how and where the data is being published.  This is to ensure that furries are kept in the loop and that the data collected is not being misrepresented or used in any malicious way. 

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our research!  Use the links on the left side of the page to navigate the site.  If you have any questions about the site, comments about the research, or suggestions for future studies, feel free to get in touch with us using the links in the "contact us" page! 

Come say hello to us at these conventions!

We make it out to a few conventions a year, passing out surveys, giving talks about our research, and getting ideas for future research!  These are the conventions where we've confirmed attendance at this year (either to conduct research or to give talks).  Got a suggestion for a convention we should go to?  Contact us and let us know about it! 

February 20 to 22nd Furry Fiesta 2015, Dallas, TX

July 9th to 12th Anthrocon 2015, Pittsburgh, PA

March 11th to 13th Furry Fiesta 2016, Dallas, TX

June 30th to July 3rd Anthrocon 2016, Pittsburgh, PA

March 24th to 26th Furry Fiesta 2017, Dallas, TX

"Do you like science?  Do you like furry science?"  - Nuka, furry and IARP team member