Abstract Submission

The Anthroplus conference is open to undergraduate and graduate students that want to present any type of work that is related, but not limited, to an anthropological approach to the topic. We want to foster an environment in which we can all share our ideas, so be creative!

Your work must be clear in presenting how it ties into the larger discipline of anthropology. If your work is in other disciplines, please state in your abstract how your work addresses/relates to anthropology.

Examples of type of work that might be submitted for the conference:
  1. Research that you have worked or are currently working on.
  2. Informal research (like the one that you do for a class).
  3. A paper on a topic that you have worked on, and feel that it can be develop into an interesting talk.

You can submit your abstract for an oral or poster presentation. Although undergraduate students are welcome to submit, preference will be given to graduate students for the oral presentations. There will be a special session for undergraduates' posters.


No more than two presenters per project.

The Abstract should not have more than 250 words. Do not include your name in the abstract, there is a text box in the application submission form for that purpose.

You must provide three keywords for your abstract in the space provided.

You must provide information about a faculty member that can vouch for you to participate in the conference. We will not contact the faculty member except if the need arises.