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Oh my it has been a month since I last posted.... Well there have been some rather annoying and awful little things keeping me in my depressed mode...

However I did make this new doily that measures 12'' (32 cm) and is made with a 1.75 mm hook. The heart is worked as one peace and the shaping just happens with the proper increases and decreases. This one took me a whole lot of frogging to make it look right for me. The flowers are crocheted seperately and are then sewn on. This way you can arrange the flowers any way you want it.

here is some detail from the flowers :)

20 August 2008

Well I made another doily :) This time I decided to make one that I had already made, only using a bigger hook. The purple one was made using a 1.50 mm hook and measures 9'' and the blue one was made using a 1.75 mm hook and measures 14''. I was quite amazed to look at the difference...

So here are some pics :) What do you think?

The design is called Summer's Blush Doily by Kathryn A. White

Here are both of them

And finally I thought it would be funny to have one on top of each other, I think it really looks good :)

18th August 2008

It's a Monday today... More studying that has to be done. Corporate law it is today.... yuk...

I am leavin this bad though behind and moving on to sth I just finished. This one took me only 4 days to make, and it turned out 16'' (it originally had to be 19) which is the closest I have been to a doily size stated in the pattern.... Mine always turn out to be so much smaller. Anyway, here it is... Haley from Victorian Spiral Doilies Book 1 by Patricia Kristoffersen.

and a close up of the centre

15th August 2008

Good morning to you all :) Today is my nameday (Maria) and here in Greece is also a holilday :) So we decided to go to a nearby mountain with our furbabies and I must admit that we had a lovely time :)

Of course after all this running and digging up holes they had to go through the bath experience :) :) :)

This is a photo of Lisa after her bath, relaxing and sleeping on Johnny's mat :)

7th August 2008

Hello everyone :) I am back again :) This time I made a hook. The best hook I have made so far. I have been practicing a lot and I think that they are starting to get really good (as I had 3 friends tell me) and this is why I decided to put my first one up for sale (you can find it listed later today at my ETSY  store). Since I do not consider myself an expert I am going to offer it in a low price :) I hope you all like it :) It is made from a branch of an olive tree, using only a knife and sandpapers. I didn t apply any coat on it so it doesn't chip, but it has been handwaxed twice with pure beeswax.

So here it is :)

It measures 8'' accross and it is a 5.5 mm hook (US size I).

It has a decorative edge at the end where you can put a hook charm :) (for those that are not bothered with a dangling thing moving as they crochet)

And here are some close ups of the hook :)

1st AUGUST 2008

Everybody, welcome Anita and Lyta!!! Anita is a flower fairy. She lives in water lily, and she is a good friend with Lorena. She enjoys playing around with the flowers and her best friend Lyta the ladybug. She loves sunrises and vanilla icecream.

The pattern is available at my Etsy store


23 JULY 2008

Well after a long time of waiting, and a lot of reading and watching everybody else's results I decided to try my hand at kool-aid dying (or as a matter of fact flavor aid). I wanted sth cheery and multicoloured :) And here are my results...

1st one

I used strawberry, bery mix and grape :) The yarn on the operatig tabe ready for experiments.... ** evil laugh on the background **

Here is my results :) I really liked how bright and nice the colours came out. And didn't come off at all. I was really surprised and amazed at how easy it was to do it. It only took 45 mins to dry (the sun in Greece is really strong) so I didn't have to wait long to try it.

Here it is in a ball ready to be tried out!

and here is how it looks like crocheted :)

2nd one

Since it was so nice and easy to do it I tried another one :) I wanted this even more colourful and fruity :)

For this one I used the berry mix, tropical punch and lemon lime.

Here is my results, hanging out to dry (again only 45 mins to dry)

When I took it in, Lisa decided that she wanted to help me turn it into a ball

Here is what it looked like in the ball - egg.... and crocheted

So what do you think???

22 JULY 2008

The sales started on the 15th... so I went out on a very sunny and warm day ( we hit 42 C ) to get myself a new suitcase, as the old one didn't have wheels...

I promised myself that I wasn't willing to give more than 40€. So out I went, and I visited 2 big stores where all suitcases at a descent size were about 150-250 €. I was starting to believe that I wouldn't find any... but here it is a nice, big, sturdy, black, suitcase, with wheels and a nice big handle to drag it around (being tall the older suitcases were just too short). So I look at the price... 66 €, and a big sign above it saying 40% off which got me to 39.60 € :) Wich is just great. So here it is... my new suitcase that I am going to use on the 26th on September when I go on holidays to Rhodes :) YaY!!!!

I also wanted some buttons for my latest WIP (no telling yet , but it will soon be done). So here is what I got :) The price was a bit high 1.10 € each but....

20 JULY 2008

Hello everyone :) We just wanted to say hi :) Lisa is really doing fine in her new family :) She has learned some new words and now we all get along so much better. She won't go anywhere without Johnny and she always follow him around the house :)

8 JULY 2008

Well hello every one!

It has been almost a month since our last update... I had good reasons though. So here I am to share my latest news with all of you :)

First of all , the exams are finally over, so now I am relaxed and able to enjoy my crochet projects - which seem endless - and also the newest member of our family.

Everybody, say hello to Lisa...

Lisa is a 2,5 years old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She has a long story behind her. She came from a family where she was not treated so well. The father of the family used to punish her by leaving her out in the cold to leave and put her in the oven. I also recently learned that he also usedto kick her. She found selter in our family totally out of luck. She is a really quite and loving dog. She follows us around the house and begs for anything from the table. She is curious and she is just starting to be bold and explore both the house and our other furbaby Johnny (who is 3 times as big as her). So here she is.... in all her glory... Miss Lisa Snoranson.... (a nickname given to her by Jayce because when she sleeps she sounds like an old train....)



Moving on with the news... I present to you my next project and also my own design... Meet Lorena, the water fairy... She lives close to lakes and enjoys taking a walk or a swim in sany beaches. Her favourite colour is... well... the blue of the calm sea... She is currently expecting her friends for an evening tea... and she is so excited to share with them the latest gossip of the ocean.