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A few words about me….

Well who doesn’t like talking about themselves? My name is
Maria Chatzi, I am 21 and currently a student at the Panteion University of Athens in my home country, Greece. I have one

 more year to go…yay!                                                                      

I also live here in Athens, where most of the days are sunny
and warm. My dream?? To own one day a cafe at one of the picturesque streets of Athens, where people will be able to

crochet, read and chat while enjoying great tea and coffee.

I learnt the basics of crochet when I was very young, being
taught by my grandma. It was about 3 years ago that I took
it more seriously and began making my own patterns, and it
was then that I accidentally discovered an online community,
that supports and encourages crochet, called


I love handmade things, so I also enjoy painting and drawing.
There have also been times that I 've made my own jewellery
and scrapbooks. 
When I am not crocheting or studying, I love spending time reading books or listening to music.
My parents
do say that my love for books is up to the red… but I just can’t
keep away. After a tiring day, being abe to just sit quietly and
travel in another world, to see things through someone else's
eyes, helps me relax.                                                                         


Anyway, enough about me. Hope you all enjoy my site and my patterns. I would really love to hear from all of you too - just

click contact to your left at any point and you can email me.