Paid Parental Leave for All!
A brief statement of purpose.

Our federal government needs to fight for more generous, more universal paid parental leave in the public and private sectors. Our government and our businesses ought to provide paid leave to any parent(s) having children, whatever that family might look like. Our society, as a beloved community, needs to support whatever the parent(s) choose to do for the well-being of the baby. If the mother needs the leave, so be it. If the father needs the leave, so be it. If both partners need leave, so be it. Leave should be extended to either parent in the couple, whether biological, surrogate, or adoptive. The bottom line is this: let us empower families to make the decision about what's best for the baby, and the public and private sectors must be prepared to support that family materially.

We are interested in targeting large employers as well as elected officials with our prophetic message. We are thinking of progressive employers (Starbucks), giant employers (Wal-Mart), and local employers (Boston University). As we craft this message we will look for models in exemplary employers whose parental leave policies exceed state and federal standards.


Let's do it for Isaac!