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Robot Bob :

     Robot Bob is a comic about Bob. He is an out of touch with technology kinda robot and he struggles with life in the post-digital age. His family includes his wife Ada, son Blaise, and daughter Jen. The newest addition to the family is their personal human Steve, who loathes the fact that he is an Human Packard brand personal human.







Robot Bob : Low Memory 

    Robot Bob: Low Memory, are going to be standalone strips that are more or less 'outtakes' from the comic. And most likely will not have much to do with the comics story arch. 


Misappropriation of Intellegence 

    These are just strips that result from some random idea that popped into my mind. They are not really connected in any way other than the fact that they are insanly funny... please laugh or at least chuckle. The word 'intellegence' is mispelled in some of the strips, I could say that this is ment to be ironic or funny, however this is not the case-- I'm just terrible at spelling :)