About Us

What started as a grandmother reaching out to Facebook feeling defeated from a recent outing with her Autistic grandson, quickly grew into a swarm of wonderful people in our community with INSPIRATION, HOPE and LOVE. After all that's what anyone who has been on an Autism journey needs.

A couple of conversations later, several people involved and a meeting at Tim Hortins on a late night Tuesday. Anthony's Autism Awareness, Inc. was created. Special Thank you to Michelle Biberston for your support, belief and fire starting, and Trey Smith for your knowledge and help to guide us in the process.

Sometimes you just need someone to stand by you and say JUMP! This is always something we as friends and family wanted to do for children just like Anthony. Our community has a need, a need for sensory friendly events. Larger communities have events every month if not several times a month. Everyone on our team feels so strongly that many people in our area with Autism or Sensory sensitivities can benefit from events and gear.

Our First Donation!

Board Members

Ashley Stone, President 810.357.9337

Sabrina Warsinski, Vice-President 810.858.8308

Jennifer Allen, Secretary

Peter Warsinski, Treasurer

Committees and Volunteers

Jennifer Allen, Volunteer Chair

Sabrina Warsinski, Fundraising Chair

Peter Warsinski & Chris Kowalski, Co-Finance Chair

Ashley Stone, Annual Walk Chair

Mike Miloch

Christy Keeley

Deanna Phillips

Interested in helping in our mission and sharing ideas? Join us for our monthly meetings!