Anthony P. Johnson

State Representative
180th Legislative District

Upon graduating from college I returned home to a community
decimated in poverty, illiteracy and violence. I was born and raised
in this community and was fortunate to have a great support system
from my family, but most importantly, the community
that was mired in chaos.

I began providing mentoring services and teaching non-traditional
sport programs to the children residing in the community because
there were no after school programs available in the neighborhood.
Creating Dream Field Academy was my way to say thank you to
those in the neighborhood that taught me the lessons of integrity,
hard work and scholarship, but who also became casualties of the
“crack” epidemic. I have and continue to believe that everyone
deserves an opportunity and to be treated with humility.

I have dedicated my life to serving my community and I believe the
best way for me to use my skills is to become a public servant at the
level of state representative. I would be humbled and honored
to serve the great people of the 180th district in this capacity.

“We need to be role models to our youth and protectors
of our senior citizens by showing them that we care
enough to devote our time and efforts to make a
difference in their lives. This isn't about politics
at all- this is about human caring’ at its best.”

Johnson is a former neighborhood block captain for over two years
responding immediately to the problems of the neighbors by
working closely with
the local police department.

Mr. Johnson has been leading a grass-roots campaign through the
"180th Watchdog Coalition" to
protest the lack of government
responses to the issues
of the neighborhood.

The 180th district needs a representative who will listen to the voices of the people they serve, who is not interested in pursuing in their own personal gains, does not represent special interest groups who provide them with money or gifts to push their own agendas, or who is controlled by a political machine that in effect, is not in the best interest of the community.

The current politicians have brought nothing to our area but the same old broken promises and broken dreams. It is time for us to stand together as unified citizens and demand better for our families and future generations.

As your state representative, I intend to work vigilantly on the issues that affect everyday people like you and me such as high unemployment, provide incentives to bring employment to local residents, reduce the high school drop-out rate, curb violence on the streets and deter drug dealers from intimidating the good people who want a positive quality of life where they live, work and raise their children.

I am not a politician—I am a Human Services professional who is dedicated to changing the quality of life for the people of this community.

Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Rep.

Political Experience

Candidate for State Representative
for the 180th District in Philadelphia. (2012)

Volunteer for Barack Obama for President (2008)
and re-election (2012)

Former State Representative candidate for the
180th District of Philadelphia (2010)

Neighborhood Block Captain (2009-2010)

Organizer, The "180th Watchdog Coalition" -180th District. (2010)

   Former campaign volunteer for Michael Nutter
                for Mayor of Philadelphia (2007)

Organizational Memberships

Co-Founder, the “180th Watchdog Coalition” (2010)

Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Block Captain (2009-2010)
Amnesty International (2009)

Motivational Educational Entertainment (MEE) (2009)

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) (2009)

Editorial Board Member for Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (JAPSS) ) (2008)

United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Mentoring Advisory Council (2008)

Founder, the “Summit” Coalition (Founded 2007)

Former Co-Director of Philadelphia Safe and Sound Policy and Procedures Committee (2006-2007)

Founder & CEO, Dream Field Academy (Founded 1995)

Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated (December 1994)