About Anthony Lauder



My name is Anthony Lauder. I was born in England, but have lived and worked in a many different countries throughout my adult life. 

My client base has been extremely international: I love to travel, and geographical boundaries are no longer limiting. Nowadays, I have settled in the beautiful city of Prague.


Having started out as a programmer more than twenty years ago, I turned to running my own software development company with a team of highly capable developers working for me. More recently, I took a directorship at a well known ".com" and left rather quickly due to conflicts in management style.

You can download my Curriculum Vitae.


I have a bunch of academic qualifications, including a PhD in Computer Science, yet am continually confronted with the gulf between the tidy processes and stories laid out in books, and the messy reality I find on real projects.


These days I am mostly focused on writing a book on the mindsets that underlie various software project cultures.