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On the job

Am with Times of India (Mumbai). Earlier, returned to the Daily News & Analysis, bt this time with the print edition, as Senior Editor. Was with MiD DAY, as deputy editor. And before that was the Editor Online with, the website of the Mumbai-based daily newspaper Daily News & Analysis (DNA).


Earlier with as deputy managing editor. I started off with the website but was transferred to India Abroad when Rediff India took over the New York-based weekly newspaper. My boss was Nikhil Lakshman.


Started my career with journalism on December 15, 1985 at Free Press Journal when Virender Kapoor was editor. A trainee there for about six months, I then moved on to The Daily as a sub-editor when R K Karanjia was editor.


Joined The Indian Post newspaper as a sub-editor when it launched. I was then the youngest in the editorial team.


Went on to become deputy news editor of the country at the newspaper which had editors like Nihal Singh, Rahul Singh, Dina Vakil, Vinod Mehta, Coomi Kapoor and Nikhil.


Returned to The Daily briefly when Rajat Sharma was editor.


Then jumped over to Mid-Day. Was there for a record eight years. Four years in the Mumbai office and four at Pune Mid-Day, which I helped launch. At Mid-Day, I was with Nikhil, Ayaz Memon and Aakar Patel (the last very briefly).


At DNA, I was with Gautam Adhikari as Editor and an editorial team that includes Ayaz, Pradyuman Maheswari and Vinay Kamat.



Places I have been to

Goa, Gujarat, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Kerala


New York, Washington DC (both on office work, when with India Abroad), and Mauritius (on a junket with Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh)


Date of Birth

July 16, 1965


I love...

Obviously, my wife, Belasia (she won't believe it!), my daughter Annabelle, my son Craig.


Music that is not too loud and noisy, especially pop, rock, country, remix...


Sweet stuff


The good old radio






I hate...

People who hate me


Pungent stuff