* 2015-now: Contractor for the Aspose Pvt. Ltd ( Title: Senior and experienced, valuable developer.

* 2011-now: Format-Plus Ltd, owner. Software consultancy and contracting services.

* 2014: Jotne EPM ( Senior Software Developer, working in Oslo, Norway, on the Jotne EDM product core software libraries. C,C++. Subsystem design reviews, security research and stability improvements. 

* 2008-2013: Autodesk AutoCad/ObjectArx API consultant, working remotely as a Senior ObjectArx Software Engineer for the DraftLogic Inc., Canada. 'DraftLogic Electrical' CAE system ( research and development. Existing C++ codebase maintenance, developing the software architecture and fast object placement algorithms. C++,ObjectArx,C#,ADO.NET.

* 2005-2008. E.G.S S.r.l. (, core libraries developer for the Leios/LMLIB point cloud processing and reverse engineering software. New modular and multi-threaded system architecture development. The point cloud refinement and object extraction algorithms were improved, a mesh hole filling algorithm was added. C++,STL,ACIS modeller,multi-threading,cross-platform.

* 2005-2007. Collaboration with the VirtualGeo (Italy, on the CuboPC project, former project for the Cloud-Cube ( AutoCad 3D-modelling/design plug-in application. Lead developer, C++(fast part, STL),managed C++,C#,COM. The product is on the market.

* 2000-2005: Cadwise Software (Russia). An 'Electrica' AutoCad-based CAE system start-up, project manager. Setting up development process. Invention of what the product should look like to gain attractiveness for the customers. It's a well known system now. This was my big success in building a product from scratch and a big fault in making career at the company.

* 1999-2000: Russian Institute of Artificial Intelligence,'Unicalc5' constraint solver system lead developer. C/C++/Java

* 1998-1999: Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, data visualization subsystem for a collider data processing system working on a Linux cluster, developer. GNU C++/Qt.

Open source: (Github lot.) (A 'minimalistic' data extraction program.) ('Acmx library for AutoCad' written in 2006.)


"DraftLogic Inc. had the privilege of employing Anton Sokolov for over five years. It quickly became evident that Anton’s skills and work habits were of very high caliber, so we recruited him as our full time Senior ObjectARX Software Engineer. In that role he has been responsible for the entirety of our ObjectARX needs in our complex expert system software, DraftLogic Electrical ..." (Dean Whitford, B.Comm.CEO DraftLogic Inc.)

"Jotne EPM Technology has been delivering database driven interoperability solutions for engineering data for 20 years ... Anton’s responsibilities included a new subsystem development, overall build system improvements, existing subsystem review, analysis and improvements. Working with us, Anton helped us to make our system better including to understand the risks for different solutions ..." (Jochen Haenisch, Head of development, Jotne EPMT)