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Format-Plus Ltd.

DraftLogic Inc.

  Enhanced Geometry Solutions Srl.

  email: acmxddk (at) gmail.com

I'm a software engineer with over 15 years experience creating commercial products both from scratch and within existing environment. I specialize in providing high quality, algorithmically strict and innovative solutions for the automated design, CAE/BIM, GIS, statistical data processing fields. 

For three years I had been working for the EGS Srl. company on a large C/C++ laser scanned point cloud reverse engineering software library and derived products. I developed a component-based multi-threaded architecture for this library and moved a number of point cloud processing algorithms to parallel with it. Also, notable contributed to a client's company new product start.

After that, for a long time I was a contractor working as Senior SW developer for the DraftLogic Inc. on an Autodesk AutoCad ObjectArx API based CAE system. Besides the usual aspects of a complex system development, I invented and realized a fast algorithm for the automated 'nice looking' object tags placement on the big architectural plans.

I own the Format-Plus Ltd., provide consultancy services through it.

As a rule, I discuss and understand business needs for the first, estimate feasibility and try to find a solution that fits. 

Physicist by training, I'm looking for informal methods when simplicity should be the first order.  

My hobbies for the spare time are: Haskell language, Category theory, HoTT, ML, Natural Language processing, automatic translation between formal languages. Also, doing windsurfing when there is a wind. 

Despite of the amount of my hobbies I write proficiently in C and C++98...C++11. 

Contacts: acmxddk at gmail.com.

Akademic-town, Novosibirsk, Russia; Oslo, Norway; Sozopol, Bulgaria 2016.