Images Of The Solar System For Your Desktop

Io - New Horizons. 1024x768. Left image taken from 2.7M km from Jupiter. Right image 2.9M km.

Victoria Crater - Opportunity Mars Rover

I found this wallpaper loitering on my hard drive in a folder i had forgotten all about. 

Imagine forgetting an image like this? The Mars Rovers have made such a thing possible i guess, i was too busy moving on to the next exciting, and fantastic latest image.

I coloured this in photoshop, i also did a sky replacement. The whole thing makes a wonderful scene on Mars at Victoria crater. 

Amazingly i worked on this image in December 2006! 

Venus - Soviet Venera lander Sites.

I made these wallpapers some time back for a Sci Fi web community i'm involved with ( which is why it has the logo bottom left ).

I took the fantastic work of image enhancer Don Mitchell. Who re worked the Soviet Venera  lander imagery.

I added a colour tint, and cloud detail. In a hope to try and place the viewer on the surface of Venus in their minds eye. I'm not sure if i succeeded, but at least it looks a bleak, horrible place. So, i guess i got at least half way there!

New Horizons - Jupiter Encounter

At the moment, this is the best selection of images for me to compile an old style Voyager composition of Jupiter and its moons from the data so far sent from the Pluto bound New Horizons space craft.

Hopefully, some higher res images will emerge, and a newer version of this wallpaper will be featured here. Featured here of course is, Jupiter itself, and from left to right, Ganymede, Io, Europa, and Callisto.

This is not designed to be accurate for scale or the moons positions, it was  inspired by the old Voyager mission artwork released many years ago.

Titan - Render

A stunning view here Produced by my wife, Anna in Terragen 3d software. Using Cassini RADAR data gathered on May 12th 2007. During the 31st fly-by of Titan by Cassini.

Wallpapers are suitable for screen resolutions of 1024x768. Which represents the screen resolution of about 99% of traffic to this site.

I would be happy to customize the wallpaper to suit your needs, just email me for a request ( address at foot of each page. )