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Peering Under The Clouds Of Saturn's Mysterious Moon

Exploring a stange new world.

The exploration of Titan is one that stirs our quest for knowledge. 

It is a mysterious world. With weather systems of snow, rain, and wind. It has oceans, lakes, rivers, and delta's.

Titan is shrouded in an orange smog, its cloud covered surface has always been oscured to all but the Cassini space craft's RADAR imaging camera's presently in orbit of Saturn, and the European lander craft "Huygens" which actualy touched down on the surface of Titan itself!

We are literally getting our first glimpses of a new world. A world which harbours many wonders, and is slowly giving up its secrets to us.

Fortunately, anybody with a computer at home can join in the exploration.

Terragen, the software i've used to create these views of the surface is totally free, an outstanding piece of software. It's often used by enthusiastic amatuers to create martian landscapes. But, i'm different! With a little work, you can unviel a brand new world.

Titan CG Renders

A recent RADAR image from the Cassini space craft at Saturn can be seen here (middle image) I took this picture, and placed it in photoshop, then converted it to be readable by some software called "Terragen".

Terragen is a 3d rendering software, for the creation of computer generated landscapes. 

the brown images at top and bottom are images from Cassini converted into a map in Terragen. I can control camera position, the sun's position, haze, clouds, water level,  just about any aspect infact.These images are really just to prove that the below close up versions of this same map are at least loosely accurate. So, your eyes are about to go where no eyes have gone before!

The prominent feature of the Cassini image used to create these close ups is the island, or rather peninsula? As it appears to be right now. The land formation suggests it was an island at one point.

The Island is not surrounded by water. The liquid on Titan is "Hydro carbons" produced by the break up of its atmosphere. In effect, Titans seas, lakes, rivers, and ponds are full of lighter fuel! Which falls as snow, sleet, or rain. ( good job Titan has no oxygen!!! )

More Titan Views on Page Two - Click Here.

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