Exploring The Moon

All Images Courtesy Of JAXA 

Selene Movie - Youtube and Bit Torrent

 I have now released the video "Selene - Exploring the Moon - Part 1" on bit torrent. if you do not know what Bit Torrent is, then look Here 

The film covers most of the early preliminary data returned to Earth so far by Selene. Including all the HDTV video captured of Earth Rise and Set. It also features high res 2d animated still, time lapse movies, and the launch of Selene itself.

You can download the torrent file HERE

I recommend installing "Utorrent" for handling the download of this movie. Remember, you must have a bit torrent client installed on your computer to download and extract the media file.

You may also need to install the "Kazza Lite Codec Pack" to view the video.

The movie has been designed for easy burning to a VCD in an application such as Nero for viewing on your TV. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask in my message boards section Here.

HDTV Video Stills

Early Images / Arrival At Moon - Re Colour Balanced

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