SDC DVD Project


SDC Community - Preview Video - Parts 1 & 2

At times these videos can take a while to start. If that's the case you can visit my Youtube page direct here.

Here is the first official release of our "SDC members - DVD Project". Edited and mostly animated by myself. Music arranged, composed, and played by SDC member Brellis.

Download Options

The Youtube versions of this film are purely a way to preview the video here. I have made 2 further options available to download.

They is a "VCD MPEG file". Also a "DVD MPEG file". You can download and enjoy these on your PC's media player. Or if you have a CD or DVD burner you'll be able to easily produce a disc to watch on your TV/DVD player.

Download Here 

VCD File Download Here ( Medium Res 72MB )

DVD File Download Here ( High Res 432MB )

These files are zipped up with "Win Rar" to reduce their size. Win Rar is available free Here. You will need it to unzip the video.

Please check your DVD player can play VCD's if you choose that file.

If you have any questions regarding the production of video discs, i would be happy to help. Just click on a link and post a question in one of the message boards mentioned and linked below.

About The Film

This is a Preview video which takes in many, but not all aspects of the project. The project is open to all, to do whatever feature they like ( space related of course ).

It is impossible to show everything we could expect on a final disc in a video at this early stage. However it does cover many on going space missions, Mars Express, MRO, MER, Cassini, New Horizons, Hubble, amateur astro photography, some of my own 3d computer generated views, and some experiments i did with 2d animations (new Horizons scenes).

99% of what you see is animated. There are infact 34 separate animated sequences! Which adds another dimension, even to still images.

Myself and Brellis have decided the best way to approach this whole thing is to have a web page where video is added. Then, annually we will take the best, most interesting etc video features and place them on a DVD video disc for release. This is better we feel than saying we have begun this project, then nobody seeing anything for months, or not being able to see they can contribute or maybe be inspired to join in in some way.

All features will, or should be made in full DVD resolution. So the transfer to disc will be easy when it becomes time to take site content and produce the disc. With my video i will be making it available as a "Google Video" or "Youtube" movie so anybody can check out the film instantly.

Then i will also be making higher res versions available. For the Preview video i have the windows you'll see here, a Video CD option, and a full resolution DVD MPEG file available to download.

The latter two options can be easily made into discs for home viewing on a TV, via a DVD player of course ( remember to check if your DVD player can play VCD's before going down that route.). In todays world there are other options of course, such as XBox media center, etc. If you have never burned a DVD or VCD before, please feel free to ask away here for help. By posting at the message boards on this site, or over at "this topic" at the Space.Com message boards.

A Big Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped make this preview happen. From the hugely talented and generous Astro Photographers from Astronomy.Com ( look out for their fantasic, and stunning work on the preview, and their credits at movies end. ) To Brellis for his wonderful music score. Also thank you to the other musicians who have come forward and contributed, and who's work will feature here in future films.

Without them, this would be a quiet, and dull project.

It is also inspiring to see just how well, and how far, and in how much detail we can see into space from our own back yards. Which is why i was so glad to see contributions from Astro Photographers. It gives all of us, who may just not make it into space, hope. That we can explore, and see the cosmos with our own eyes.

The DVD Project

If you are a regular at the Space.Com community message boards you may be aware of this project.

I have been joined by four musicians, and several members of that site and our hope is to bring you a free non profit DVD video disc. Packed full of stunning sights from space, set to wonderful music, or narrated by the members themselves.

Here you'll find video previews of potential content for that DVD. Also full resolution DVD quality video will be available to download also. 

We will be taking the best of what you see here every year and releasing this pick on a menu navigated DVD, just as you would purchase if it were a regular retail disc.

This project is open to all. You can join in at any point. You can produce what ever you want! ( space related of course.) Visit/join this sites message board here to state your wish to be involved, or to bounce some ideas around.

Videos planned already take in many ongoing space missions. ( the preview at top of the page should give you a good idea of how films can be presented. ) Also, amateur astro photography, 3d computer animation, and 2d presentations.

Modern day PC's really have given us the chance to be film makers. We can produce our own Discovery Channel or IMAX style video documentary's. Or we could even make a feature out of a summer Star Party for example. 

Hopefully if you keep on visiting you'll be entertained. You may come to realize that you could contribute yourself. Our hope is this will snowball.

A good example i can give is i recently uploaded 3 home produced space related videos to "Youtube". They have received approaching 1000 views in a matter of weeks. If it is your wish to be involved in space advocacy or the promotion of space exploration, then this is a great way to get it across to the public that space is exciting. That can only be a good thing.

So, be involved, or be a viewer. It is your choice. It will be a fun journey however you approach this venture.

A big thank you must go to all those involved so far.  You've helped make this project possible. I really believe it can be a very exciting one to be involved in.