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Newly Colour Balanced Images from NASA/JPL's Mars Pathfinder Mission 

Pathfinder did not deliver bucket loads of science. It was even bashed for it's lack of return. It was the flag ship of the "Faster, Cheaper, Better" space mission philosophy.

However, it gave me, and the rest of the world a new look at Mars. it made people gasp in wonder, even those not interested in space exploration. It truly was a pathfinder in as much as it used the airbag landing system deployed by the new generation of Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. It also gave mission planners experiance.

Lets face it, Pathfinder/Sojourner was exciting! it remains today one of the highlights of my life following the exploration of the red planet and the cosmos.

So, now i have this site up and running, i felt it was time to indulge myself. Take a fresh look at the mission. I have done this by re looking at the classic images and colour balancing them in exactly the same way i have with Spirit and Opportunity.

what you'll see here are familiar views if you're a mars enthusiast like myself. But, with a fresh slant, and my interpretation of how Mars looked to the robot eyes of the pathfinder lander. Plus hopefully in future some other views i feel i can add something to.



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