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The Solar System from my back garden! 

From my early days with an old Russian SLR camera, to just pointing and clicking with a digi cam down a telescope eyepiece.

And hopefully, onwards to an experimental web cam telescope combination very soon.

Here are some results of my very own Astro imaging. Exploring space from my back garden! Who needs a Shuttle!


I took this image several years ago. It is still my best effort. My favourite Astro Photography picture by far.

It is the Sun, taken through protective "Mylar" film fitted to my telescope. I picked up an old second hand Russian SLR camera for Astronomy pictures. Pointed it down the eye piece and hoped for the best!

35 terrible blurry photographs came back from the chemist, and this one ( thank god for digital camera's ). It shows groups of sunspots, many times the size of the Earth. 

The Transit of Venus

For once a wonderfully hot summers day greeted me for an astronomical even in the UK.

I had a fantastic view as Venus transited the Sun, through my 4" newtonian scope and Mylar filter.

These images were captured by pointing my Kodak digital camera down the eye piece, through a variety of filters.

Lunar Eclipse

Fast forwarding now to March 3rd 2007. The Lunar Eclipse. This is me simply pointing my old digital camera down my telescopes eye piece. 

Not exactly the best image of a Lunar Eclipse. But, i'm short of content here! You can just see the orange glow of the Total Eclipse starting to creep across the Moon.

The Moon ... Obviously. The remarkable thing about this image is it is the very first photograph i too of the Moon!

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