Wifi - Waves and Health - Danger???

Wifi - Waves and Health - Danger???

The Criirem (Centre for Research and Independent Information on Electromagnetic Radiation), an association that focuses on the effects of electromagnetic waves on living organisms,

 think mobile dual-mode GSM / Wi-Fi should be used sparingly. The freephone, unik, twin and other VoIP phones are they dangerous to our health?

Studies to date do not indicate the long term. But is it serious look at several watts GSM and Wi-Fi a few milliwatts?

 In addition, the stations broadcast radio and television work for at least 50 years without having seen any adverse effects on health.

Refresh our memory. Some data on the transmission powers of some units:

  • a television relay: 1000 Watts
  • an FM radio transmitter: 1000 Watts
  • a satellite: 1000 Watts
  • a microwave oven: 1000 watts
  • WiMAX transmitter 200 to 1000 Watts
  • a relay cell phone GSM: 100 Watt
  • WiMax receiver: 20 Watts
  • a GSM mobile phone: 2 Watts
  • Wi-Fi device: 0.1 Watt

Health: one year of WiFi mobile cons 20 minutes?
 Tremble mortals!

WiFiThe London Times delves into the controversy is whispered that the impact on health through WiFi. Long ago that the effect of waves of all kinds on the human body is studied. The case of the mobile phone is just the spokesperson of a larger sample of concerns over all these things invisible through us.

Dr. Michael Clark of the Health Protection Agency says that studies have been conducted on the effects of waves emitted by wireless devices. Measures have been taken in English schools, where the ambient radiation levels was actually twenty million times lower than the current standard. By comparison, Dr. Clark explained that a child using a mobile phone is already at half the standard.

The conclusion of the study by the Health Protection Agency is a full year rose to near a wireless access point returns to spend about twenty minutes on a cell phone. Health side, there's plenty to breathe a sigh of relief at the low level of radiation produced by wireless devices. Dr. Clark says, and if one were to remove the WiFi schools, should also remove the televisions, which have a radiation level comparable (CRTs).

There are of course in the history of dissonance. Thus, Alasdair Philips, director of PowerWatch, which sells equipment for detecting and blocking waves, indicates that standards in the United Kingdom are not necessarily to be taken literally. They are used primarily to define a level acceptable electromagnetic radiation, but sporadically. Conversely, they do not take into account the duration of exposure.

This will require further studies based on long-term influence of these radiations. Especially since all people are not equal in terms of sensitivity to these waves.

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The argument that the wave of Wi-Fi use the same frequency as the microwave does nothing scary. The microwave has a power 10,000 times greater than a Wi-Fi!

 In addition, the microwave is a true Faraday cage, preventing the air from escaping from within.

The Supélec was published in December 2006 a study on electromagnetic fields generated by the Wi-Fi equipment in the 2.4 GHz band, indicating that the boundaries are far from being achieved.

TheWorld Health Organization (WHO) reports that prolonged exposure to some powerful wave of Wi-Fi poses no health risk. 

WHO has issued a reminder about the risks related to exposure to waves generated by base stations and wireless technologies.

The Journal of Health Physics has made 356 measurements in 55 sites across 4 countries (France, USA, Germany, Sweden). In all cases, the levels of Wi-Fi signal detected

 are far below international exposure limits (IEEE C95.1-2005 and ICNIRP) and well away from other electromagnetic fields present in the same environment.

The Health Foundation and Radiofrequency organizes its 1st scientific meetings in October to take stock of current knowledge, 

on the latest research advances and their implications for society.

AFSSET (French Agency for Health Safety Environment and Labour) offers a frequently asked questions about the electromagnetic waves on its website.

TheEuropean Union is funding a scientific program that takes place over 4 years (2004 to 2008) to determine the effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves.

The program of the BBC Panorama aired May 21, 2007 demonstrated the dangers of Wi-Fi on health. The debate has caused a stir across the channel where several schools have dismantled their Wi-Fi stations

 The results presented skewed and distorted by the sensational documentary have since been denounced by the scientific community.

TheAgency for Health Protection in the UK indicates that a person sitting near a Wi-Fi hotspot for a year receives the same amount of wave

 that a person using his mobile phone for 20 minutes.

As explained by the WHO, "given the very low exposure levels and research results obtained to date

 there is no convincing scientific evidence of possible harmful effects of base stations and wireless networks for health. "

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  • GRenelle Environment
  • CRIIREM (Independent Centre for Research on electro-magnetic radiation)
  •  requires 5 provisions in the Grenelle Environment:
  • Discourage the use of mobile phones for children under 15 years (dur.. durum)
  • No Wi-Fi in schools, colleges, high schools
  • Limit the radiation of antennas at 0.6 V / m
  • Apply legal easements on EHV lines
  • Moratorium on the promotion of WiMAX and Ultra High Speed Fiber Optic

The association mixing genres too: mobile telephony, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, fiber optics and even the high voltage power lines.

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via Criirem

Wi-Fi damage your health?I

This question is asked a lot in recent months, since the warnings issued by many organizations or governments.

But what is it really? All electromagnetic sources are they bad for human health?

It should already understand electromagnetism: any electric current produces a magnetic field, and vice versa.

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of gamma rays, X rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, microwave, radar and radio waves.

The microwaves, which includes Wi-Fi, do not contain sufficient energy to chemically modify substances by ionization, so they are considered a source radioactive non-ionizing radiation, unlike the ultraviolet from the sun that are ionizing and hazardous to health (UVA, UVB, ...).
Thus, the microwave ovens used to heat the food are very powerful but the waves are confined in an enclosed and sealed, which further reduces their risk to humans.

The controversy around the effects of microwaves on health is in full swing. Many studies have been undertaken over the past twenty years, some concluding that microwaves pose health problems, and others finding that they are harmless.

Mobile phones, such as Wi-Fi also uses micro-waves, but unlike Wi-Fi, its power is much higher, especially to cover large distances. The base stations operators are even more powerful, always in an effort to improve the scope and reduce the amount of equipment to deploy.

Some people describe symptoms related to electromagnetic waves. The disorder, called electromagnetic sensitivity, has been recognized since 2004 by WHO (World Health Organization). Yet more than thirty studies on this disorder found no link between electromagnetic fields and symptoms.

Television transmitters and radio waves used for at least 50 years there has been no real problems on health.

The Agency for Health Protection in the UK indicates that a person sitting near a Wi-Fi hotspot for a year receives the same amount of air that a person using his mobile phone for 20 minutes.

This does not respect the precautionary principle, given that the risks are not fully understood today.

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi technology to fashion, is an easy target for those who lack love and gratitude to the sensational.

Please do not mix cell phones, power lines and Wi-Fi ...

How to get an objective opinion in such a mess media and science?

In any case, the subject caused much ink!

Wi-Fi banned in French schools?

According to ZDNet, associations Priartem ("For a regulatory implementations of mobile phone masts) and Acting for the Environment attack in Wi-Fi in schools.

Since the documentary Panorama released in May this year on BBC implicating the Wi-Fi, alerts to the dangers multiply. Yet, the facts presented by the scientist were biased. This has not prevented several schools remove their Wi-Fi under pressure from parents.

End of June, Criirem ("Centre for Research and independent information on electromagnetic radiation") had also found that the GSM / Wi-Fi were harmful to health, and therefore need to limit their use. According to the association "mode Wi-Fi, the device emits pulsed microwaves at 2450 MHz, the optimum frequency to agitate the water molecules - that is to say exactly that used by microwave ovens ". But they forget to indicate that Wi-Fi is 10 000 times less powerful than a microwave!

Wi-Fi technology to fashion, it would be an easy target for groups in need of recognition?

You can read about my article on the health and Wi-Fi.

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