Wireless N Storage Router - Belkin F5d8053 N Wireless Usb - Set Up Linksys Wireless G.

Wireless N Storage Router

wireless n storage router
    storage router
  • A device that sits between an IP network and storage devices, translating between disk IO protocols as they pass through non-IP and IP networks.
    wireless n
  • IEEE 802.11n-2009 is an amendment to the IEEE 802.11-2007 wireless networking standard to improve network throughput over the two previous standards — 802.11a and 802.

This is not how you design a set of shelves...
This is not how you design a set of shelves...
At least, it's not the way Norm Abram designs some shelves. The lighting people at work needed a place to keep their uncut gel sheets and were going to buy a 500 dollar map cabinet thing that was way too big for them. I told them I could build one for 200 dollars... but then they actually made me do it... It's ok, because I got to play New Yankee Workshop and get paid for it. Turns out I rather enjoy carpentry.
Router Boxes
Router Boxes
The router came in 2 boxes. They are great for traveling, which I only did a couple times. They open at the middle and are built such that you can leave a bit in the router while in the box. They also have a slot for an bit changing wrench and holes for bit storage.

wireless n storage router
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