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Ps2 Wireless Gamepad

ps2 wireless gamepad
  • Lacking or not requiring wires
  • transmission by radio waves
  • radio: medium for communication
  • having no wires; "a wireless security system"
  • A hand-held controller for video games
  • A purpose built wireless games controller compatible with Sky Boxes, that allows up to four players, each with their own gamepad, to compete with one another in selected Sky Active games.
  • Gamepad was a television show about video games which ran for four series on Bravo. It was hosted by Violet Berlin.
  • A gamepad (also called joypad or control pad), is a type of game controller held in the hand, where the digits (especially thumbs) are used to provide input. Gamepads generally feature a set of action buttons handled with the right thumb and a direction controller handled with the left.
  • PlayStation 2. A popular video game console.
  • Sony PlayStation 2. The name says it all. (It’s even backwards-compatible with the PSX.)
  • A copy of a Playstation 2 game released to CD.

Shiny things attract attention. Make a photograph of a shiny object and post it today. Focus in on the reflections. Strobist: Bare 430 EX II left of main subject, about 40cm away, bouncing on the ceiling. 1/16th power at 28mm. Triggered with Cactus V4 wireless. PS: I got home from work with no idea on what to do for the assignment, and while I was getting ready to go out for running I saw myself reflected on my silver PS2 gamepad. :D I wanted to take the shot and show part of the screen so the playing game could be seen, but also make sure I got some reflections on the gamepad. Holding the pad on my left hand, looking throught the viewfinder to focus, set the timer on the camera and try to hold all in place while putting my face close enought to be seen was something worth of Tom Cruise for a new Mission impossible movie. That's why the camera can be seen on the reflection. :( Anyway, bad news. My 430 EX II and one of the wireless transmitters fell off the table while preparing this shot. Luckily the only casualty was the remote, and the 430 seems to work right. Mental note 1: find an stable and flat surface to set your flash next time. Mental note 2: get another transmitter ASAP. The big white spot on the top left is from the flash, but without another light to use as fill, it was either the white spot or a darker image. :( PPS: For all fans out there...guess what game was on the screen? ;)
Coleco Super Action Controller vs. Original XBox Gamepad
Coleco Super Action Controller vs. Original XBox Gamepad
Here's a size comparison between the ColecoVision Super Action Controller and the original XBox Gamepad. The red lines on the grid are six inches apart. One of the games that used the Coleco Super Action Controller was Rocky. Undoubtedly, many players simply used the controller to punch their opponent in person, rather than attempt to beat them on the screen.

ps2 wireless gamepad
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