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I Wireless Reviews

i wireless reviews
    i wireless
  • i wireless (formally Iowa Wireless) is an affiliate of T-Mobile, operating on the GSM-1900 and AWS-1700 platforms.
  • i-wireless is an American mobile virtual network operator that uses the CDMA Sprint PCS network to provide nationwide coverage. The company was originally based next to Kroger headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has now relocated to nearby Newport, Kentucky.

Brief impression and thoughts on Nikon D700
Brief impression and thoughts on Nikon D700
Here're some thoughts and impressions on D700 from a few weeks use. 1. big and heavy (compared to my Eos Xsi) 2. but sturdy and reliable, at least it feels 3. out-of-camera jpeg are HELL and almost useless (but doesn't really matter to me) 4. raw images are a lot better, but below my expectation (maybe I expected too much) 5. DR is far below my expectation. Wide DR was a big selling point to me. Dxo Mark claims it has 2 EV wider DR than Eos xsi, but my experience in the filed and some systematic testing (I'll post it later. I found very interesting differences between two cameras) are not quite convincing. Probably it has a better DR than Eos Xsi, but not that great extent. It'd be a good idea to slightly underexpose every time bright objects are in the frame because it makes managing highlight easier and noise levels in dark areas are impressively low in D700, so that you can compensate dark area in raw processing. 6. it is GREAT to have free wireless flash without additional equips. 7. It works great with Voigtlander MF lens thanks to brighter/bigger VF and accurate focusing indicator. MF is a lot easier in D700 than in Eos Xsi. 8. LCD screen is great, but tend to tint yellow. I'm not sure if it's a jpeg processing problem or LCD problem. Probably both. 9. above combined with poor jpeg quality, reviewing images on LCD truly SUCKS. It makes shooting less enjoyable. But images (I mean raw converted) are much much better on computer monitors. 10. ISO performance is very impressive. I think this is the biggest strength of this camera. I'm not so impressed by this camera especially in DR. Moreover, more than 3 times higher price tag than Eos Xsi is not so well justified. The sensor in d700 is ranked 7th in Dxo mark among all sensors tested, including medium format digitals. I'll try to believe that and make myself convinced. Anyway it's still one of the best FF DSLR on the market with affordable prices (D3 series are beyond my scope. They are ridiculously expensive). DR of d700 was not that impressive in that highlight recovery in d700 does not quite confirm 2EV advantage over Eos Xsi claimed in many DSLR review sites. I'm sure I'd be sad when d700 successor comes out, considering massive DR of d7000 and pentax K-5 (they are supposedly using the same Sony sensors). Their DR are claimed around 14EV which is almost DR of negative film. At that point upgrading to d700's successor would be very tempting. I'll update this post if I come up with more.
BlueLife Wireless System Bluetooth Headphones
BlueLife Wireless System Bluetooth Headphones
I spotted these headphones at Walmart for $50 (cdn). I was skeptical considering I've never heard of the brand name but it is Walmart so what did I have to lose? I did check online for any kind of review and didn't find much. I did see the product on Amazon for around $170 US. The packaging is that annoying mounded plastic but whatever. There's just no getting around that crap anymore.

i wireless reviews
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