Welcome to Winter Quarter!

Dear AMC members,

Meetings will take place on Mondays 5-6pm in RH510R.

We hope to see all of you then!

 - The AMC Board

Meetings/Schedule for Winter Quarter 2019

Week 1: Graffiti Wall

Week 2: GRE intro & problems practice

Week 3: (1/21) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Week 4: Scavenge hunt/ talk by Zoey

Week 5: Midterm Study Session

Welcome to Anteaters Mathematics Club!

We have a variety of activities and events that everyone can enjoy. They include social outings, career exploration seminars, hands-on and cooperative maths experiences, and the annual Anteater Integration Bee. You can make friends and even gain connections. Quarterly, we have a career panel where people from the work industry have a Q&A session with the club. They will talk about their work and how math has helped them get to where they are today. If you want to give a public speech on your favorite subject in maths, please email us at mathclub.uci@gmail.com. You can also contact us at our Facebook page!

Here's a Koch Snowflake for you. FRACTALS!


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