All Nations Tutorial College reaches out to students of all nationalities and backgrounds using the one to one method of tutorial teaching first pioneered at Oxford University. We also provide a 'Life in Oxford' summer program for groups of students.

A significant original inspiration for much of UK education including Oxford University is the Christian faith. We believe this is an inspiring place from which to view all the subjects on the curriculum- from maths and science to the humanities.

Our focus is on the one-one teaching of A levels, but we also teach GCSE students in the same fashion, and run a Life in Oxford summer programme.

An underlying focus of the College is that of Applied Theology for older students with the specific goal of church planting. We also run other discipleship and theology programmes on request.

Please take a look around the site and find out more about us. 

Nick Bensted,
Founding Principal
M.A. (Oxon), B.A., CELTA
All Nations Tutorial College, Oxford


A level RS student

‘Thank you for helping me with my A level RS exam. I got  an A on the paper you helped me with. Before my best mark was a C grade. I did much better on the paper I received help from you on. Thank you’.

GCSE Business Studies student

'My name is Anastasia. I have received some tutoring lessons for business. I was pretty familiar with the material, but not confident enough to sit the exam. In tutorial lessons, I have received personal help, lessons one on one gave me the opportunity to absorb as much information, and ask questions when they are needed. This system gives a great opportunity to increase your knowledge and become more confident in your abilities. I am very grateful to personal tuition, it gave me a new point of view on a subject. It helped me a lot with passing my exams, because the lessons included conversations as well as lectures, and verbal activity really does help you to remember the material. I would, definitely recommend this to another student! ''

Parent of A level Sociology student

Thanks for your e-mail….She improved her grades markedly….for Sociology…. she got a B grade… which is a marked improvement.Thanks again for the work you did with Billie and the support you gave her to improve her grades.

Best wishes, Alastair.

Jesus College