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The Stanley Hotel Co

the stanley hotel co
    stanley hotel
  • The Stanley Hotel is a 138-room Georgian hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Located within sight of the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley offers panoramic views of the Rockies. It was built by Freelan O.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO Romantic and secluded, The Stanley Hotel lies nestled among the foothills in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, 70 miles north of Denver, Colorado. The hotel is a popular spot for weddings and receptions. The hotel was built in 1909 in the neoclassical Georgian style, inspired by the resorts of the eastern seaboard. The hotel and its surrounding lands are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This hotel was the inspiration for Steven King's "The Shining."
Stanley Hotel
Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. This is were they filmed the movie The Shining, and parts of Dumb and Dumber. I touched up the grass in the foreground because it looked pretty bad in the original photo.

the stanley hotel co
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