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Basel Hotel Tel Aviv

basel hotel tel aviv
    tel aviv
  • A city on the Mediterranean coast of Israel; pop. 355,000 (with Jaffa). It was founded as a suburb of Jaffa by Russian Jewish immigrants in 1909 and named Tel Aviv a year later
  • the largest city and financial center of Israel; located in western Israel on the Mediterranean
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: ???????????-?????, lit. "Spring Hill"-Jaffa; ?? ????, Tall ?Abib), usually referred to as Tel Aviv, is the second-largest city in Israel, with an estimated population of 393,900. The city is situated on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, with a land area of .
  • Coastal city in the center of Israel, founded in 1909. First Jewish city; name taken from the Hebrew translation of Theodor Herzl's utopian novel Altneuland. In 1950 merged with neighboring Jaffa.
  • Basel or Basle (Basel, ; Bale ; Basilea ; Basilea ) is Switzerland's third most populous city with about 190,000 inhabitants. Located where the Swiss, French and German borders meet, Basel also has suburbs in France and Germany.
  • a city in northwestern Switzerland
  • Basel was a canton of Switzerland that was in existence between 1501 and 1833, when it was split into the two present-day 'half-cantons' of Basel-City and Basel-Country.

0106 dec1998
0106 dec1998
Tel Aviv: View from beach Hotel on town (with Hotel Basel, named after Swiss town where 1st Zionist Congress with Herzl took place)
Pedestrian Street
Pedestrian Street
This is right near the Hotel Basel, leading out to Hayarkon St.

basel hotel tel aviv
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