This site is an Archive of my initial Antarctic studies schools program.

Antarctic Experience!

The world’s most hostile environment but also the most fascinating.  It holds the keys to understanding Earth’s past climate and crucial in understanding it’s future.

2015 Antarctic Experience photos below (requires flash) or link here
More photos to come!!

Antarctic Experience.. Be 2015-02-12

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Flash needed to view pics.. or Flyover link

Antarctic video link July 2014 Casey Station

Student Flight 2013

Antarctic flight 2013 (requires flash)


AAD Workshop tour 2013-12-05

Australian Antarctic Division

-        Dr Tony Fleming

-        Dr Greg Hince

-        Dr Glenn Johnstone

-        Dr Robert King

-        Dr Andrew Klekociuk

-  Dr Rebecca McWatters

-        Henk Brolsma

-        Dave Connel

-        Brett Gogoll

-        Dr Barbara Wienecke

-        Dr Martin Riddle

-        Dr Stefan Vogel

-        Dr Jane Wasely

-        Dr Clive Strauss

-        Dr Ian Snape

-        Dr Nick Gales

-        Dr Clive Strauss

-        Dr Chris Henderson

-        Dr Will Gates

-- Eric Johan Mets 

-        Tom Staham

-        Bec Miller

-        Dan Wilkins

-   Graeme Watt

-        Danielle Camenzuli

-        Melanie Pike

-    Cameron Frost

-        Dave O'Neil

-        Katelyn

-        Steve

-        Karine, Margaret and Corine!

 Calvin Christian School

Simon Boonstra

Emily Jones

Ali Stam

Dr Karin Oerlemans


Greg Burgess

Ray Visser

Craig Jackman

Bookend Trust

-        Dr Niall Doran

-        Andrew Hughes

-        Peter Harcourt

-        Ninna Millikin

-        Dr Alastair Richardson

-        Mike

-        David Pyefinch




     -        Wenneke ten Hout

-        Dr Guy Williams

-        Dr Donna Roberts

-        Dr Mark Curran

-        Adam Steer

-        Dr Adam Treverrow

-        Dr Ben Galton Fenzi


-        Mr Ivan Andreas Hinojosa Toledo

-        Felipe Briceno

-        Mr Gary Carlos

-        Dr Zanna Chase

-        Dr Quinn Fitzgibbon

-        Mr Dain Jones

-        Graeme Ewing


Royal Society of Tasmania

-        Dr Pat Quilty


Royal Society of Victoria

-        David Dodd



   NAB National Australia Bank

   State Government

- David O'Byrne

- Astrid Wooten

- Dr Denzil Miller

    Federal Government

- Hon Julie Collins MP

- Senator Catryna Bilyk


-        Kingborough Council

Graham Bury

Jon Doole

Abyilene McGuire

Meg Lorang

Mitre10 Kingston