Antarctic Adventurers is the only re-enactment group in the world which specialises in the Historic Period of Polar Exploration.
The group depict a sledging party of the period complete with all the clothing, sledge, tents and other equipment that would have been carried on a Nansen sledge between 1900 and 1915.

Since their formation in 2002, the group have taken part in many multi-period history shows organised by English Heritage and the National Trust as well as museums and even the quarter deck of HMS Belfast.

In 2008 the group will be appearing at the English Heritage Festival of History and the multi-period show at Broadlands as well as the Scott Anniversary celebrations at Plymouth and the Annual Shackleton Autumn School at Athy in County Kildare.

When the group formed in 2002, a number of films and plays about the period were in production and many items from the Channel 4 film “Shackleton” and the play “Antarctica” were donated to Antarctic Adventurers when the productions were complete. Burberry also kindly loaned the group sets of accurate reproduction Antarctic cover-alls.

The group has also built a reproduction Nansen sledge, a Nansen cooker and a Scott tent as well as sledging rations of the period.

A further feature is a display of still and cine cameras of the period similar to those used by photographers like Frank Hurley and Herbert Ponting.