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Story Submission

Patients and Supp
orters are encouraged to share your stories with the Answering TTP community. We will publish your submissions online and/or in our newsletters to help others facing similar challenges and raise awareness about TTP. You will be helping those people who have recently been diagnosed, understand not only the impact of these diseases on their and their families’ lives, but more importantly, show them how you have learned to live with TTP.

If you would like to share your story to help publicize a local In Honour of Answering TTP Blood Donation Drive please indicate your interest when you submit your story according to the directions outlined below. Supporting a blood donation drive helps to not only  raise awareness for the need for blood within our communities, but also provides awareness for TTP.

We want to hear from you now! Please submit your story and accompanying completed Waiver via email or mail. The editor would greatly appreciate it if you could also forward a recent photograph (head and shoulders) of yourself. If the photo contains other people please have them each complete a separate Waiver.

Answering TTP
22 Prince George Dr.
Toronto, ON
M9A 1Y1

OR email –

Feel unsure about what to write, perhaps the following points/questions will help guide your thoughts. Your story is important. Your story is interesting. So share it.

Some guidelines to help to start telling your story:

  1. Name and age and where you live.
  2. Are you married or do you live alone?
  3. Do you have a career?
  4. Are you a supporter for a loved one with TTP?
  5. What is/was your occupation and do you still work?
  6. How did you feel when you first felt unwell?
  7. Did you seek medical attention immediately, or did you think how you were feeling was related to age, busy lifestyle, etc?
  8. When you were diagnosed with TTP, how did you feel both physically and emotionally?
  9. What age were you when diagnosed with TTP?
  10. Had you heard about TTP before being diagnosed?
  11. How did your family cope with the diagnosis?
  12. What treatments were offered to you and what support, if any, was offered to you and your family?
  13. Are you satisfied with the medical assistance provided by your hematologist? What about follow up?
  14. Are you satisfied with the medical assistance provided by your GP? What about follow up?
  15. Following diagnosis, how did you learn about TTP?
  16. How have you lived with TTP and how has it affected your life and that of your family?
  17. How have you learned to manage TTP?
  18. Have you experienced one or more relapses?
  19. How has TTP affected the life you had planned for yourself and family?
  20. What are the restrictions on your daily life?
  21. How do you see your future?

While Supplies Last....

Sumbit your story and receive a TTP patient t-shirt to help raise awareness.


Answering TTP Foundation,
Feb 10, 2012, 2:28 AM