Blood Donation

Blood donation saves lives and participating as part of the Answering TTP Team helps raise awareness for TTP to save even more lives. Each TTP crisis is a medical emergency and early diagnosis is key to mitigating the risk of irreversible complications, or death. If you live in Canada, consider joining our team (details below). Donating blood helps all those in need! Contribute to your local blood bank today!

TTP patients are encouraged to organize a local blood drive to help raise awareness for the need for blood, and life-saving awareness for TTP. Email us at detailing your interest to organize a blood drive today!

Canadian Partner's for Life Team

  • Step 1. Register as a member of the Answering TTP Partner's for Life team by clicking here using ID # ANSW011432.
  • Step 2. Book your appointment to give blood at your local blood donation clinic. Call 1888 2-DONATE or make your appointment online.  Since you have registered for the Answering TTP Partner's for Life team (Step 1 above), you need not reference this initiative when booking your appointment. All your subsequent donations will count towards our team tally.
  • Step 3. Take 1 hour out of your day to give blood. Ensure you bring the ID# ANSW011432with you and confirm upon arrival that your file is appropriately marked to count towards our tally!
  • Step 4. Don't leave without making a followup appointment. Donations every 56 days can help us in our goal of achieving 100 donations in 2012!
  • Step 5. Share your blood donation experience on our Facebook page to raise awareness. Share your posting with your friends to encourage them to join the Answering TTP Foundation's Partner's for Life Team with Canadian Blood Services.

International Rare Disease Day TTP Blood Drive

February 28, 2013, International

International participation raised life-saving awareness for TTP!

Annual Toronto Holiday Blood Drive

December 13, 2012, Toronto

Delta Kappa Epsilon, University of Toronto fraternity, is doing their best to give back and engage their young members to become regular blood donors. The fraternity is a reliable participating partner in every In Honour of TTP blood drive to date.  The Foundation extends our appreciation for their extraordinary dedication.

Big Save Blood Drive

August 27, 2012, Rogers Centre, Toronto

CBS partnered with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) for the 3rd annual event to draw sports enthusiasts out to give blood alongside their favorite athletes!

Last year this one day mega-clinic at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto brought in 574 units of blood.

Answering TTP Foundation was thrilled to participate again this year. We appreciate the opportunity to thank donors for their precious gift, and to educate all participants about TTP.

The Air Canada Centre rink was filled with blood donors, CBS staff and volunteers for the annual Big Save blood drive. 

Rare Disease Day TTP Blood Drive

Participants gathered their friends, family and co-workers to join the team to give blood anywhere in the world on International Rare Diseases Day (February 29, 2012) in honour of TTP.

Registration for the 2012 event is now closed. Canadian participants can still join the effort as part of the Answering TTP Foundation's Partner for Life Program with Canadian Blood Services (see above).

Participate next year!
Details about the success of the event are detailed on the Answering TTP Blog (Click Here).

More buzz for TTP!

Sydney Kodatsky, Exec. Director Answering TTP Foundation, shared her TTP experience with Canadian Blood Services' staff on September 28, 2011 as part of their employee recognition  event. Canadian Blood Services connects Canadian TTP patients with blood product required for treatment.

Congrats to Canadian Blood Services for their biggest blood drive EVER!

Answering TTP Foundation was excited to help coordinate volunteers for Canadian Blood Service (CBS)'s annual Big Save held on June 20th in Toronto, Canada at the Air Canada Centre. The event was sponsored by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. The event included some team mascots (they own the Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC) and sport personalities.The goal for the day was to have 175 first time donors and CBS ended up having 342 'newbies'! CBS set a goal of collecting 500 units of blood between 10am and 7pm that day. THEY DID IT! CBS collected 574 units! Note: 715 people registered but some were ineligible.

It was the biggest blood donor clinic in the history of CBS and the Answering TTP Foundation Community was thrilled to be a part of it! Thank you to all volunteers who were able to attend to share their story with blood donors. Sharing your experience will help bring those 'newbies' back every 54 days. In addition to saying "THANX" to blood donors, all volunteers were able to raise awareness for Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.

What a great day!! Sign up for the Answering TTP Community to be a part of these types of events.


                                                        Answering TTP is recognized by Canadian Blood Services

Answering TTP initiatives to raise awareness for blood in our communities has resulted in a feature story in Pulse magazine. Sydney Kodatsky's story is used to personalize the need for blood in our communities. The story raises awareness for TTP by providing a brief overview of the condition and the requirement for blood in the treatment of TTP. Read the full story.

Thank you to all who came out to support the 
In Honour of Answering TTP Blood Donation Drive

Seven first time donors were amoungst the donors who came out on December 2, 2010 to support the blood drive.  The consensus from the donors who donated blood for the first time was that of surprised relief at how easy it was.  “I thought I would feel different, but I don’t” said Jeannie, “I will be donating every 56 days from now on.”

But we still have a long way to go!

If these 7 first time donors successfully give blood used for TTP treatment every 56 days for the next year, the combined amount of blood plasma would only represent approximately 30% of the plasma required  by 1 TTP patient in crises to achieve remission. This is because patients usually require more than 15 plasmapheresis treatments or approximately 150 gifts of blood to achieve remission. It would take 1 donor 23 years to give 150 times!

You don’t have to wait for the next In Honour of Answering TTP Blood Donation Drive to help us in our Partnering for Life program with Canadian Blood Services. Simply register online with Canadian Blood Services Partner for Life Program using ID # ANSW011432 and book an appointment at your local blood donation clinic. Once you have registered online all your subsequent donations will help us in our goal of achieving 100 donations in 2011! Please sign up today. Ensure you bring the ID# with you and confirm upon arrival that your file is appropriately marked to count towards our tally!

All patients and supporters are encouraged to raise awareness for TTP by talking to your friends and coworkers about this rare and complex disease to encourage them to give blood. Moreover, we hope you will consider sending out a blood donation endorsement blurb including a link to this web page to your Facebook friends.

CBS Blood Mobile Launch, September 2010

Answering T.T.P. founding volunteer, Sydney Kodatsky and her brother Andrew Bryant, helped  Canadian Blood Services launch Toronto's Bloodmobile on September 14, 2010.

"I was given the opportunity to thank those generous blood donors that have helped save my life, tell my story to hopefully inspire others to regularly give blood, and raise awareness for TTP. We made the local 6pm news and both the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun ran articles (click to view the articles)."

The treatment of T.T.P. is intense in its use of blood plasma.

"I have personally received blood plasma from over 400 donors. Moreover, during my treatment there has been question as to if there was enough of my blood plasma type to provide treatment on a given day. Blood plasma can be derived from a simple blood donation from you, at a local blood donor clinic."

Please consider giving blood on a regular basis. You will save a life!
When you do, please help raise awareness for TTP by giving in honour of TTP. To do so, just provide the following Partners for Life ID # ANSW011432 upon registration.

Visit Canadian Blood Services for information on how to donate.

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