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Ohio Support Group
June 5, 2013

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Connecting the TTP Community.
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A TTP, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, diagnosis is scary and complex. Many patients have never heard of this 3 letter acronym before, nor have they any idea as to its ramifications. Moreover, patients are told over and over that we just don't know:
  • why it happens
  • what may trigger a relapse from remission
  • why some patients relapse and others do not
  • what the long term prognosis is
  • how to ease treatment
  • how to cure T.T.P.

These questions remain unanswered because research is limited. TTP is an orphan disease that afflicts 3 in 1 million people. It is too rare to make it economical for pharmaceutical companies specialize research to find a cure. The purpose of Answering TTP is to help find answers to these questions by connecting patients and supporters. Together we can raise awareness and raise funds to support patients, treatment and research.

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Answering TTP Foundation engages the TTP community to further common goals by:
  • providing patient support to alleviate the feeling of isolation that accompanies the diagnosis of a rare disorder
  • inspiring TTP patients and supporters to share their stories to help enrich the TTP community and garner public support for TTP
  • maintaining a consolidated information platform to disseminate information to the geographically dispersed community
  • providing a unified voice to ensure access to the safest and most effective treatments
  • developing TTP education materials  and distribution initiatives to educate the public and the medical community to speed diagnosis and save lives
  • supplying fundraising support and guidance to raise funds for effective TTP research to ultimately find a cure!
We need your help to improve the prognosis for TTP patients. Help us find the answer to TTP.

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Our Goal

To assist in Answering TTP with a   cure!

Our Strategy

Provide an enduring framework to  connect the TTP community and provide tools for this community to support  each other, TTP education and TTP research.

Answering TTP


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