Private/Personal Voice Mail

Customize your own personal voice mail service

Answer All specializes in helping individuals look and sound more professional, improving their communications, and best of all saving money!

Callers are greeted by your personal voice mail greeting and messages are recorded for your retrieval. This allows additional confidentiality and can also be customized so you are paged or called each time a new message is recorded. Voice Mail can be a cost effective solution for your business or personal use.

Here is why more people are choosing Answer All Communications:
  • No contracts, no per call or hidden charges.
  • Low flat rates starting as low as $29.99 month.
  • First ring pick up.
  • Unlimited greeting record time.
  • Record your own greeting or have it done professionally.
  • Callers can leave a message as long as they wish.
  • Unlimited Voice Mail Messages.
  • Date, Time and Caller ID with every message.
  • Toll Saver, Saves You MONEY.
  • Callers can connect live to a cell, home, or business phone.
  • Immediately dispatch urgent messages to pagers & phones.
  • Multi level options to hear information, leave a message, or transfer to another number.
  • Call Screening Services are available.

Service starts at $29.99 PER MONTH which includes customization specific to your needs.

Answer All can professionally record your voice messaging service. We can activate service for any individual within 24 hours and we will handle the complete setup to our voice mail service.