Other Services

With our service, we can do almost anything

  • Unlimited minutes and calls, incoming & outgoing.
  • Message Dispatch: The service contacts your cell and/or home phone, or both, to deliver a new message. The service will call multiple numbers in timed sequence.
  • Web access with Web administration.
  • Voice-mail to Email.
  • Caller ID.
  • One-Touch Call Back:  After hearing the message, you can return the call from within our service.  No need to write numbers down, hang up and call back.
  • Multiple mailboxes for urgent and/or non-urgent messaging.
  • Our service offers hundreds of additional features- just ask!

Wake Up Service
This service is great for those who have a tough time waking up.

  • You can program a wake up call for each day of the week at the same or different times.
  • The wake up service can call you at home, on a cell, or even a pager.
  • Record a fun wake up greeting to start your day off right.
  • You can use this service to check on patients or elderly relatives.
  • The service will call the person to verify they are OK. If they do not answer, the service will call multiple numbers to notify of a potential problem.

Sales Lead Distributor
If you are selling a product and have multiple sales representatives to handle the calls, this service will evenly distribute each sales lead. For example, if you have 10 sales people and 20 calls came in, our service will give each sales person 2 leads to close.

Our service can route the incoming call to the sales person’s cell, home or business line or deposit the callers message into each sales person’s messaging center. If a message is left the message can be dispatched to the sales person’s pager, cell, home or business telephone number.

Order Entry, Job Hot Line, Questions & Answers
You can personalize our service to ask callers a series of questions. The answers are then recorded from the caller word-for-word and stored for your retrieval. When retrieving the callers answers you will hear each answer in the order they were asked. This service is great for taking product orders or for screening job applicants.