Professionally represent your practice.

Whether your office uses an answering machine, phone company’s voice mail, or answering service, Answer All offers a Medical Service which will improve patient communications, improve office efficiency, and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Our Medical Service is a fraction of the cost of a traditional answering service, and we offer more features and benefits. Please take a moment to see how our professional service can benefit your practice.

   When your office is busy or closed, our service will:
  • Answer on the first ring and professionally represent your practice.
  • Inform callers your hours of operation or other important information.
  • Allow your callers to leave a general message for any department.
  • Allow patients or institutions to leave an emergency message for the on-call Doctor.
  • Instantly dispatch emergencies to a pager, cell phone, home phone or all of the above.
  • Dispatch up to five numbers in timed intervals until call is answered.
  • Allow on-call physician to hear emergency messages word-for-word.

Service rates start as low as $70 FLAT PER MONTH with NO CONTRACTS, and NO PER CALL or HIDDEN CHARGES. Our service is never rude, always consistent, and we never put callers on hold. What’s great about Answer All Communications is that we will customize our service to meet your specific needs.

Answer All would like the opportunity to work with your office and we will provide you the best in customer service.