Business Voice Mail

Customize your own professional voice mail service

First impressions are important, that’s why we at Answer All Communications will customize our service to improve the way your phones are answered and the way messages are handled. Answer All specializes in helping businesses look and sound more professional, improve customer communications, and best of all save money!

Our services are designed to improve the way clients communicate with your business while allowing you to minimize unnecessary interruptions. Prioritizing messages, transfer callers to voice mail or external phone numbers, and backing up office staff during those busy times are critical tools for today’s business communications.

Here is why more businesses are choosing Answer All Communications:
  • No contracts, no per call or hidden charges, and no equipment to install.
  • Low flat monthly rates.
  • Allow callers to be transferred to a department’s or individual’s voice messaging center.
  • Callers can connect live to an employee’s cell or home phone.
  • Immediately dispatch urgent or service messages to pagers & phones.
  • Callers can receive information about your business or products.
  • Office Administrator can leave one group message for the entire staff.

Answer All will professionally record your voice messaging service. We can activate service for any business within 24 hours and we will handle the complete setup and switch over to your new voice messaging service.