Ansteorra Goes to Pennsic 2017!

So you want to camp with Ansteorra at Pennsic? 
All you have to do is: 

1) Register for Pennsic in the Populace of Ansteorra camp. This helps us to ensure there is enough space for everyone. 

2) Sign up for Camping (this is where you provide your tent size, etc) 
Please plan to contribute $12  for camp consumables (water, ice, trash bags, propane, etc) and to hire minions to dig and fill the sumps. If we have enough people who volunteer to be there early and late to dig the sumps, we will reduce it back down to $7. 

3) Sign up for at least one (1) camp chore each week you are there:

4) Email a picture of your heraldry/badge to Seraphina at ady.cats at gmail dot com. 

5) (Optional) Sign up for the Meal Plan. If you sign up for the meal plan, you are expected to sign up for two kitchen chores. This is in addition to camp chores.

6) (Optional)  Join the Facebook group "Ansteorra  Pennsic Camp"