I am a postdoc in the Department of Logic in the Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, currently (2017--2020) funded by a grant from the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR). Before becoming a postdoc in Prague I wrote a PhD dissertation, Categories and Logical Syntax (PDF), at Leiden University under the supervision of Göran Sundholm. 

My main research interests are in the philosophy and history of logic and mathematics. I am especially interested in Martin-Löf's type theory and the philosophy connected therewith, as well as in the works of Frege, Husserl, Carnap, Dedekind, etc. 

• Husserl and Carnap on regions and formal categories. 
   Essays on Husserl's Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics (Springer), ed. S. Centrone, pp. 409--429. (Preprint | Link
• The justification of identity elimination in Martin-Löf's type theory.
   Topoi. (Preprint | Link)
• Truthmaker semantics: Fine versus Martin-Löf. 
   Logica Yearbook 2016 (College Publications), pp. 87--108. (PDF
• Carnap on unified science. 
   Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, vol 59, pp. 53--67. (LinkPreprint)
• A proof-theoretic account of the Miners Paradox. 
   Theoria, vol 82, pp. 351--369. (LinkPreprint)
• Identity and sortals (and Caesar). 
   Erkenntnis, vol 82, pp. 1--16. (LinkPreprint)
• Dedekind's logicism. 
   Philosophia Mathematica, vol 25, pp. 341--368. (Link | PDF)
• Form of apprehension and the content--apprehension model in Husserl's Logical Investigations. 
   Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy, vol 16. (PDF)
• Dedekind and Hilbert on the foundations of the deductive sciences. 
   Review of Symbolic Logic, vol 4, pp. 645--681. (PDF)
• Infinite time extensions of Kleene's O. 
   Archive for Mathematical Logic, vol 48, pp. 691--703. (PDF)
Some forthcoming work
• Carnap's turn to the thing language. (PDF
    To appear in an anthology on the Paris 1935 conference on unified science, edited by M. Bourdeau et al.
• A brief introduction to Martin-Löf's type theory. (PDF
    To appear as the first chapter in a book by S. Rahman et al., tentatively entitled Immanent Reasoning.
In Norwegian
• Review of Øystein Linnebo. Philosophy of Mathematics. Salongen.no
• Review of Gottlob Frege. Utvalgte TeksterSalongen.no
• Appendix on higher types. PDF
• Summary of Dedekind's Supplement XI to Dirichlet's Vorlesungen über Zahlentheorie. PDF
• Bibliographical information on the motto of Wittgenstein's Tractatus. PDF
Talks, recent or upcoming
• The sense of a mathematical sentence and the notion of construction: how do they relate?
    Logic Café, Ostrava, 14 September 2017
• The logical form of identity criteria
    Logica 2017, Hejnice, 20 June 2017
• Theorem 66: Dedekind's route to infinity
    PhilMath Intersem, Université Paris Diderot, 8 June 2017

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