Efficient Browsing

Although the tips I give here are mostly based on firefox (yes.. I moved back to firefox after few months of chrome..more below on why.) I will try to generalize it so you can apply the same on your browser. Overall IMHO you should move to firefox if you haven't.

1. Screespace is for websites: Do not let multiple toolbars, etc. etc. etc eat up into your actual screenspace available to your website. There are various ways to do it. Chrome came up with some very interesting innovations to maximize screenspace, and I copied it over to firefox. In fact the screenspace i actually copied into firefox completely from chrome. How: http://lifehacker.com/5059213/turn-firefox-into-a-google-chrome-clone and other sources. Look for add-ons with these names: 1. Hide Caption 2. Hide Menubar 3. AutohideStatusBar 4. Download Statusbar 5. Tabs on Top
2. Install extensions which make life easier for you:(called addons in firefox)
  • For Proxy Switching: Where you can configure multiple proxies and switch between them in a click.. in Firefox : http://multiproxyswitch.blogspot.com/
  • Download Multiple Files from one page in one go: So you dont have to right click and save as on each one of them. in Firefox : http://www.downthemall.net/
3. Bookmarks deserve attention: Remember you can have almost 2 dozen bookmarks on the modern browsers.. if you rename the bookmarks to blank (since just the icon is enough for identifying most bookmarks for you).. or a small name. Why keep huge names ?? See Below for before and after:

As a result you can imagine all your frequent websites could easily fit in one bar. I have around 30+ in my bar. (just one level)

4. Keep updated to the latest version of your browser
5. Do not.. DO NOT use IE6 if you are still living in that prehistoric era. Use IE8 or chrome, or firefox.. which support extensions. (Chrome still hasn't released the extension version I believe, but I use the beta)