Eclipse Musings

I have spentĀ  much of his professional life working on enterprise tools (at both SAP Labs india where I worked for 3 years, and IBM Research for last 2 years). I was first introduced to object oriented programming in my masters course (almost the same time I met eclipse), and since I love to think, live and breath objects. I call myself a specialist in being a generalist. After using eclipse for a while as an IDE, I soon moved to extending eclipse, and fell in love with the eclipse pluggable architecture. I have written several plugins in eclipse, including couple of rich client applications. I also likes to guide students working on eclipse projects, mainly at my alma mater IIIT-Bangalore.

Eclipse - The mother of all frameworks

After having used eclipse for a while now I take pride in the fact that I have grasped some of the most fundamental principles of eclipse, which make it a framework which is stronger than ANY other framework seen. In the world of software engineering, "Eclipse is a great tool" could be the understatement of the modern century.. :)

That eclipse is much more than a tool, is well known. It is a platform, to allow people to build on top of....but a closer look tells you that eclipse is not only a platform but an enabler of platforms. It allows anyone to create a new platform, without starting from scratch. I will elaborate on this further as I get time. Here is a presentation of mine which talks about eclipse being a 'Framework of Frameworks'