I am a master's student in the Game Development Program offered in the computer science department at USC. It teaches various aspects of game development :  production, design, development, testing. I have maintained a GPA of 4.0 while taking my projects beyond classroom standards. Currently I am working in the computer science department as the course producer for the Serious Game development class, where I overlook various student games being built.
For my advanced game projects class I am leading a team of more than 20 members comprising of engineers, artists, designers and composers for the game The garden of life ( http://gamepipe.usc.edu/thegarden/ ).

I am result driven computer science engineer with a passion for making games that enhance user experience and lead to new mechanics.

My career objective is to obtain a Software Engineer position in a game studio where I can demonstrate my engineering and design skills while learning from more seasoned work collaborators. I would like to work in larger teams aimed
at changing the way games are played.